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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Power of Now ::

:: Overheard ::

''There come a time when a man has to ask himself
Whether he wants a life of happiness or a life of meaning.''

''I'd like to have both.''

''Can't be done. Two very different paths.
To be truly happy, a man must live absolutely in the present,
No thought of what's gone before and no thought of what lies ahead.
But a life with meaning, a man is condemned to
Wallow in the past and obsess about the future.''


How apt.

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Weird....then I must be doing something right.

Because of my present happiness I have found my meaning of life.

And yeah I am proud to say it.

Wow so what's your secret? Share with everyone!

I am happy that my life has been meaningful...

so to be happy means there isnt a meaning?

can happiness be the meaning?

well, in my case i rather be happy then find a meaning in life then.

Erm, can't a man make a meaningful existence of his present ... y'know, by living it to the max and making the most of every minute ... even if his reference point is here and now?

A meaningful life doesn't necessarily mean that one must wallow in the past or be obsessed about the future. One might ponder over history but yet not find meaning, and it may not necessarily be true that one does not find meaning in the present. Perhaps for some, their happiness lies in finding their meaning of life ?

(Deleted comment)
being mindful of that. hence contentment. are you angry that you were slapped? or are you thankful it is only a slap? or are you happy that the slap reminds you of pain you don't like? and the list goes on...how you think changes you vibrationally..

being happy right here right now focuses on raising your vibrations this moment with no attempt of incurring karma. the world of change has its current dynamics like a stream of water.

if you place your fingers there and not move; you resist change.
if you move your fingers in the opposite direction, you are opposing change.(retrospective)
if you move you fingers in the same direction as the flow but faster than the flow (introspective)

They all obstruct changes NOW

So just let the flow move you along.look at water...it teaches us ALOT. It gives us the clues of life; why do the Gods 'look' at water at the altar? To drink them? = P. It is the only thing on earth that can be present in the 3 states - solid, liquid and gas. it is the thing thats most in us.

Can we do this perfectly? No.

So what do we do? We let go...

We try not to let these lil pluses and minuses disrupt our overall vibrations as we move along the day; we move along life.

Easy? Dunno. I'm trying.

How is it affirmed for me? If you are Buddhist - it's implicated in Alokitesvara Boddhisattva (Guan Yin's) Heart Sutra (Xin Jing). If you are free thinker - Science? (thats what we named these mechanics of the Universe). You can call it apple if you want.

= )

p.s. pardon any typos..im late for work. hehe.

ooooh rare long insightful entry.

thanks to You - Archergoat wrote.
thanks to Archergoat - I added.
thanks to us - we co-create existence NOW



= P

thanks to apple, Newton expounded gravity ..

See ya all on Sunday!

8-) Namaste to all.

it's a very weak form of happiness that can only exist in the now.
no hope? no happy memories?
how can that be called happiness?

there is more to happiness than hedonism or pleasure. or even positive affect.

ho ho u say it better then me.

That's was what I felt.

i think it depends on how one defines happiness lol!

yea sorry but i'm gonna call BS on what that guy said. i will not trust anyone who can define happiness, no matter how poetic or "deep". RARR!!!


*burns all books*

i write my own.

*scribbles scribbles*

*scratch chin, ponder*


*burns all writings again*


your little "la~~" is foolin' nobody, wiseguy

speaking of, wildy uses "la" a lot too. if you want to distract me at least throw a muscle guy at my face.

This quote was from the latest episode of Heroes (ep 18) and they were spoken by the sinister Mr Lindeman played by the wonderfully droll Malcolm McDowell. Lindeman could be this vicious machiavellian individual pulling the puppet strings of all the other characters....or is he? While I don't entirely agree with him, I do think there is some truth that regrets of the past and the uncertainty of the future can sometimes impinge on one's contentment and happiness.

this statement is too extreme. what happened to the shades of gray. things are only as apt as black and white only if there is no gray.

so. to be truly happy, says linderman, one must live in the present. no past, no future, only the present. doesn't sound like linderman himself. if to be truly happy is to subscribe to linderman's definition, then i say that the person who chooses this subscription has no foresight. and people like that usually get man-handled (pun intended).

in the latter statement, condemn is too strong a word, most likely to describe himself more than anything. and of course, obsess about the future as well. every tomorrow will be a day of present. and every present will be a day of the past. and condemned, we all are, if we wallow and obsess.

i think you've heard it all too familiar from archergoat; that, balance, is the key.

isn't that what nathan wants? now. imagine, balance to be a scale with weighing plates on both sides. as long as it's balanced, we can have 1 ton on both sides of the scale. or 2 tons. or 3 tons, until it breaches the tensile strength of the material that the scale is made of. otherwise, there is perpetually no limit to that.

with this, i hope more people can appreciate the beauty of gray.

Dorian Gray? lol!

balance is not key! LMAO it is so not

no, no, i'm not saying that the key is in being extreme, hell no


it isn't about balance, it is about cycles! nothing is in perfect balance. not nature not people not life. to be "in balance" is to be stagnant. change is inevitable and it is constantly happening.

the key is to go with flow. things will go from black to gray to white to gray to black to gray to white. forcing to stay in black, white or even gray is plain going against everything.

things only seem "in balance" because we are moving slowly.

lemme correct myself. the word that he used is "moderation", not "balance", my bad.

and, you should have known it from my "la" post: i write my own books. of course, in it, will be pieces of wisdom from various places and people.

When I heard that part of the episode, I felt some wisdom within those words.
Yet I did not resonate with the overall intent.

I guess for me, it didn't ring true.

At least it stopped someone from pulling the trigger by causing him to think.

Pretty bad Karma, Killing is 8-)

Besides, this choice allows him to save a lot of people, a few episodes down.

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