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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Round #2; The Victims That Missed The Bone ::

:: Round #2; The Victims That Missed The Bone ::

The inauguration of the Push Up Club.


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im guessing:
(from top left, clockwise)
you, hotdoggie, agooddaytolive, porkpiglet.

top left pic: very very nice arms! EVEN nicer butt and thighs...... SUPER YUMMY!!

= p~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . . ..

oh great! can i get to know the top left one?

i want him for breakfast!! = p~

hur hur hur....

whoever he is, his butt v nice hor!

hahaha.. all very no-standard one..

well, you can be our club coach then!


hahaha... how u gonna pay me!?
heh heh.

Lyph, Ribbit will pay you with his honourable company.... you can be his breakfast. Or you can have him for breakfast. Whatever, snigger.

Ribbit, forget about the top left guy, go for Lyph! Can be club coach should be yummy....

omg is that how u reward ur frens!?! jialat leh..

wat kind of a dumb ass game is that?????

for the airborne selection course, i had to do 30 very standard push ups in 1 minute.

it didn't help that i had a few "NO COUNT!"

can I just come and watch? ;P

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