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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Follow the Leader, Leader ::

:: Walk the Dog ::

Follow the leader, leader, leader
Follow the leader.


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Eh very cute! Where did you get these?

It's from a game called WALK THE DOG, at Settlers.

This is quite a new game released last year...

Here is the official and sales website:


Wow you're really resourceful loh! Sasuga....

Looks quite fun and innovative! Not sure what is Settlers, but hope to find this game perhaps at Borders or Kino! :P

It's a cafe chain where people sit and play board games.

I like the idea, but must first find kakis! Will go look out for it. :)

yeah i would like to know what this is. a game? i like dogs and i would like to own a set of these.

OMG! sooo cute! (if they had a cats version, it'll be called Follow the Pussy). oops.
actually the Settlers cafe is quite a good idea for friends to get together and play games hor.

Must go check this out the next time we go down to Settlers (which has been long overdue...)

(Deleted comment)
You go down to Settlers often?

Oh my! Absolutely adorable! You happen to have a white schnauzer one?

oh my, your white schnauzer is so adorable@!!

eh whie i feel like im repeating what u said.

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