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(no subject)

:: Veering Off ::

I wonder how many tennis balls are needed for a game like this.


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hmm, see those red thingies? they're invisible force fields. they prevent the balls from flying out. :p

erm, may the 'force' be with you then! =P

issit this the famous hotel @ Dubai rite?

I wonder how many people get hit by balls daily...

100? the balls will be rolled up from a collection pt from below? lolx

i never played in the courts like tat haa but if given a chance i would say probably 6 balls is enuff :)

This court looks like only for the pros.... i think my racquet may fly out and become killer litter....or i will run after the ball and fly out myself....weeee....

heh yea this place is at Burj Al Arab in Dubai
but i dun think that is a permanent court. is only a 1 time event specially for andre agassi and roger federer
it is actually a helipad for the hotel

Thanks, whoever you are; you solved a mystery!

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