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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: No More Rhyme ::

What happens when
There's no more rhyme???

What happens?

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You really DO like this song a lot huh ...

I do!
You remember my previous entries?

OMG I missed this song!!! Used to listen to it lots in my sec sch days... *sighz*

omg! the one-hit wonder, debbie gibson!!

She's definitely not a one-hit wonder, her songs were popular here in the 80s, and she's doing well on Broadway right now.

you underestimate her. she's definitely not a one-hit wonder. there were many billboard hits from her first two albums, and she has been releasing albums even in the recent years. partly because these albums were not publicised and released internationally and partly because she experimented with different genres that didn't work, her popularity on the charts and cd sales nose dived. but the quality of work on her albums is always very good. and yes, i have almost all her albums. in particular, i like THINK WITH YOUR HEART album, which consists of mostly sentimental vocals with simple accompaniment.

no lah, i'm not demeaning her or anything =) i'm just expressing how she's commonly known among my peers while in america. if i'm only 1/10 as successful, i'd be happy!

she's got good songs, but the songs in the subsequent albums just weren't as friendly as her previous hits.

I think she is not a one-hit wonder as well.
She writes nice lyrics; poetic ones as a matter of fact.
Is I THINK WITH YOUR HEART nice? I'll go take a listen.

yes i remember some entries, esp if they resonate with me. I realise I have all her albums, so you know who to look for if you can't find her songs online.

Ya I can't find that song! LISTEN WITH YOUR HEART...

Yah! Hey Debbie Gibson is no one-hit wonder...I was a big fan when I was a kid.

I love her.... Debbie Gibson.... She has a ballad , One Hand, One Heart of which i liked .....

Another song i've not heard of..... must go take a listen!

(Deleted comment)
but rhyme sounds so much better, no?

You can always rely on the beat. Its easier that way.

Back to tweenage years....i feel young again.

Debbie Gibson has a confident and distinctive voice with a clear quality that is rather endearing. She has many good songs like 'Lost in Your Eyes'. 'No More Rhyme' is rather poetic, though melancholic... i wish i could sing 10% as well as Debbie, heh.

Melancholic, you got it right!
I like her "We Could Be Together" as well - very campfire but warms the heart!


Campfire is nice in the recent cold weather :)I like Debbie's 'We could be together' too.....upbeat and catchy.

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