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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Chasing Daylight ::

:: Chasing Daylight ::

From the Preface:

For anything that men can telll, death may be
The greatest good that can happen to them:
But they fear it as if they know quite well
That it was the greatest of evils. And what is
This but that shameful ignorance of thinking
That we know that what we do not know?

-- Socrates --

From page 82-83

Every morning upon waking, I tried my hardest to be
In the present moment. Just to appreciate what was around
Me, that very second. Because if I were in the present
Moment, I would not be aware of time - time of day,
Time required to complete my remaining goals, time of
Year, time I had left. If I were in the present moment,
I would be aware only of the experience I was having,
Not of how this might be the last time I would experience
This, ever. If I were in the present moment, context
And history wouldn't be the issues. The experience itself

I tried to be conscious of what was around me, really
Conscious, exclusively conscious.

I failed.


Something to deliberate upon.

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socrates spoke in general. if he had spoken to either you, him, or me, we would've given him a helluva hard time.

and, of course he failed. there is so much more other than to be 'in the moment'. afterall, a moment is nothing but a moment, though sometimes, something more. although it's pleasant comfort, but we gotta get out of it. maybe that's why he failed.

I can only suggest that you read Ekhart Tolle and see if his message resonates with you ... or not.
His first book is titled "The Power of Now" ...

i shall. =)

give me some time. in this, and that sense.

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