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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Possession ::

:: Possession ::

In a sudden introspective mood
I recall my greatest lesson learnt in 2006.
It would be from universe8within.
"Do not possess," he said to me.
And by not possessing, I became free.
For what will come, will come, and
What will go, will go.
Possession does nothing.
There is no need to accrue.

I recall Toni Morrison's Songs of Solomon.
Only by getting rid of one's own "shit that weighs you down"
Can one then fly.

"If you surrendered to the air, you could ride it."

Ride the air - I would.
With my newfound wings of joyful freedom.

Next, is to see the world from a new perspective
In this elevated position and make sense
Of my purpose, from the elevation.

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1. the act or fact of possessing.
2. the state of being possessed.
3. ownership.
4. Law. actual holding or occupancy, either with or without rights of ownership.
5. a thing possessed: He packed all his possessions into one trunk.
6. possessions, property or wealth.
7. a territorial dominion of a state.
8. Sports.
a. physical control of the ball or puck by a player or team:
b. the right of a team to put the ball into play
9. control over oneself, one's mind, etc.
10. domination, actuation, or obsession by a feeling, idea, etc.
11. the feeling or idea itself.

Your this post made me did a search in the dictionary because I myself find that statement "weak". It's like saying "Forgive" when somebody slaughtered your whole family - if it's "that easy" to forgive.

Then I realize it's easier to say then done - the only way I can think of "Do not possess" my mind straight away says "Do not Give". I suddenly remember u were the one who once wrote about "transactions".

Oh, u sure don't look like a guy whom surrenders.

it's not easy. it is a goal.
letting go of one's internal possession is a transaction, methinks; in fact it is an act of surrender.
a surrender to oneself - possibly a facet of oneself.

do i make sense? i wonder too.

weird. i started out like that. started out, free from possessions and devotions. i was godly, then. i could comprehend anything and everything. and the things i saw, i could only share with you in person. so much clarity, yet not a tinge of emotion. i was, free. at ease. nirvana.


i realize that i haven't quite fulfill my role as a human being. and so, my purpose came to me. and with that, i became human again. i had to deal with the joys, and along with it, the sufferings. but, i have no regrets. it's part of the process. so, in a way, i've reached the end of the road way too early. i could've flown there. i could've teleported. i didn't cheat, it just happened. and now, i have to go back to where i left off, and complete my journey as a human.

music - understanding, healing, guiding. for me to be able to write music that understand, heal, and guide, i have to jump into the deep end myself. and so, in the deep end, i was at. and so, i begin to write. write and write and write. i couldn't stop. if you ask me, my music, they don't belong to me. they belong to the people who finds comfort and solace in them. in a way, i'm just a medium: a medium for music to flow out of me, to reach them. the melody is the mantra, or the incantation. and the lyrics are the sutra, or the scriptures. writing music, although, is only one aspect of how i am to promote understanding, healing and guiding, while minimizing sufferings and misunderstandings. wait, i'm off the point.

coming back to what i wanna say. simple: i'm a human again, just because it is my duty to be one. if i didn't have a duty on earth, then i guess i wouldn't even be on livejournal, or better yet, get to know any one of you. i would've been somewhere else. but what i have learned and what i have gained and known, they are still within me. tell you more in person next time.

We've exchanged lots during our handful of meetings over the last couple of years. I am thankful for all that you have shared with me.
Whatever you gleaned from what I said is your own wisdom to wield as you see fit.
Ultimately, I believe that somewhere within you, you always knew these truths. I but helped bring it back to the conscious mind.

I continue to learn from you and others, and thank all of you for the lessons every time we meet.


After our recent meet-up, a couple of people came up to me in ways I did not expect.

We are often encumbered by the attachments we form with our possessions, so much that these excess baggages often prevent us from getting on with our lives. When we are able to travel light, we are able to travel further...

Suddenly I recall Hiro!

Oh haha! Have you watched Ep 16? He had to remove his excess baggage in order to move on too... :) Me onto Ep 17 now! :P

I guess that as we go through life, we continue to discover how insignificant our lives are in the universe as a whole. Our lives are also transcient, and totally unpredictable. So, our worldview has to change to accomodate this. If we understand it, then we will realize that emotional attachments can do little good in life.

Still, we should also discover our place in this universe, and also endeavour to make this a better place. For a lack of emotional attachment, without compassion will get us nowhere either.

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