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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: A Flurry of Activities ::

Haven't penned down much lately amidst a flurry
Of activities, for the past few fortnights.
I recall:

Pauline and Tobia's Wedding at the Arts House
It was a lovely wedding on a sunny sunday afternoon.
My only impression of the Arts House was the spoof parliamentary seating
Where Mr Miyagi did his version of "Mai Hum" so it was good to be
Finally seeing the Arts House for the first time. I was expecting it to be
Larger and grander but the cosy interior gave it a more intimate feel to the
Wedding ceremony. The three of us thought some flower petals
Fell from the top of her head and got stuck on her veil.
It took us a while to realise that it was actually the design of the veil.
Another interesting observation from the post-wedding affair was that the
Guests would simply linger around and not touch the buffet spread because
No one removed the plastic cling-wrap off them. Eventually gung-ho me
Went forward to get the 'ball' rolling, and everyone quickly formed a queue.
Gosh twice.

Tin's One Night Only Concert
It was Tin's first concert of the year (yes we're anticipating more!)
And his second concert of his lifetime (that's what I've gathered).
It was a night I realised how many of my friends could sing!
Did lots of karaok-ing hone those voices? I wonder.
The melodies flowed, and while there were lots of meaning in the lyrics
I really hope that Tin could one day put them on his blog so that we can
Better understand the triggers for the songs that he pens. There is just
So much. I appreciated, we appreciated the last song of the night.
Thank you.
But I couldn't help but feel a little cheated when I played the $4.90 CD at home.
Just 4 songs? The program sheet showed a more comprehensive repertoire!
And I bought 2 CDs! I want my money back! =P

50 Push Ups for the Memories
Ok, there he goes with his punishment! lol!
It was another board-gaming session, this time, with my brother Brenden along as well.
Such sessions are a reprieve from the usual late-night boozing, which I've come to appreciate.
Not to forget that it was such a session that brought us close together in the first place.
And we organised it for [Unknown LJ tag], who never turned up in any single session. Doh.
[Unknown LJ tag], perhaps we could ask a few more along for the next one?
(No I'm not bored of you guys! Not yet!)

View from Chin House
After a two-year hiatus from Bangkok, I've decided to arrange for
Reunion dinner a week in advance, and spend the lunar new year
Building good relations with our Thai neighbors. And boy I did impress!
This trip is, in many ways, one of the best overseas short trips I've made.
Upon introspection, I attribute it to what I've probably transcended late last
Year, in a way, to 'come out of my shell' and be the real "me".
Does this free-flowing entry symbolize a passage towards another chapter?

I wonder.

Then again, sometimes I wonder just too much.


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Yah... same thought! Only 4 songs!!! Wat the!?!


"SINGLE." single! single's supposed to have 3 songs what. and i put in 4.


quality matters more than quantity ... :P

i prefer a large quantity of quality.


Oh... it's a single?? OOPS! Didn't know mah. The disc was placed next to a long playlist. So I was expecting about 18 songs crammed in! Umm... like my old CD compilations!

Umm... so which is the single ah? The first song?

as usual, u're too kind with your words. :p

and i think in all of us, there is a spectrum for our behavior, and our character. i won't say it's the "come out of your shell and be the real you" thingy. you've probably just reached one end (which could probably be an extreme) of your spectrum, where you felt exhilarated and where your being and happiness there were unmatched. and though i think it is unlikely to be living like this everyday for the rest of your life, but i guess what you're looking for is really to be able to constantly live on the happier end of the spectrum, as much and maybe as often as possible.

it could be another chapter. =)

i choose to see it as moving one rung up the infinite ladder of joy and happiness, and hopefully, by spreading the perfume of love and joy to those around me that i get some scent spilt onto myself as well. =)

Pls read "The Intention Experiment" if you have the time ~ it's the next book on my list!

haha, infinite? you're definitely optimistic. it is possible, though. who knows. your spectrum might have no end to it. =)

and, if u remember from my past entries, in a way, we think pretty much alike in this sense; that we don't live for ourselves, we live for our friends and people who are around us.

ok, i'll catch it before you do. =) and then i'll lend you a book of mine when i'm done.

This post is totally un-into-the-wild. totally.

i know.
i reread it and was surprised by myself!


i really like this rare entry. very candid, like it brings people closer. haha!

ya know... i don't think i remember you ever posting anything not cryptic and center-justified.

oh wait...


happy new year willie ge! haha!

looks rather eventful!...

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