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:: Tin's Concert Promo Final Edition ::

(From Tin)


Tickets will be available from the counter at the door at Play,
starting 9pm and onwards on Friday and Saturday night.
Tickets are also available at the door on Tuesday itself,
starting from 7pm (tbc).

i will be taking 40 tickets with me for now,
of which some i will pass over to Miak.
those who wish to get tickets from me from Friday onwards,
please sms me at 9295-2069,
stating your number of tickets,
and who you are. =)
thanks!! again,
tickets are priced at SGD$15 per pax.

The Drinks included for Tuesday night are:

Housepours mixers
(Vodka, Gin, Whisky, Rum, Bourbon),
House Red / White Wine,
Juices & Soft Drinks (Coke & Sprite).

Lucky Draw details:

1st Prize: 01 X Veuve Clicquot (worth $138), sponsored by Play
2nd Prize: 01 X SGD$50 Voucher, sponsored by Curry Favor (2 Draws)
3rd Prize: 01 X Instant Karma Tee, sponsored by Instant Karma (2 Draws)

Door gifts: 75 X $5 vouchers for Instant Karma Shirts and Accessories.
Hence, for the first 75 patrons only!

if this concert is a success, i'll do it again next year,
with better prizes. who knows,
maybe a pair of roundtrip air tickets to
Taiwan, Bangkok, HongKong, or whatever?

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