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:: Nephew Darius ::

I'm always bad with relationship-terminologies.
If my sister gave birth to a son that makes him
My nephew, or my cousin?

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its nephew.
cousins are your aunt or uncles children

Hehe, welcome to Unclehood! :P

yeah, i agree.

Before u know it, u'll be the one buying loads of toys for him!

Yes you will. I've been through that stage...

Was excited about buying the diapers, baby clothes (the ones at GAP are quite nice)...

Got him toys when he's about 6 months old.. and now he's turning 1 in April... So exciting...

HAR??? how could you mix up nephew and cousin?

that makes you auntie! ;P

and you, grandaunt twice-removed?

we obviously need a few more generation gaps between us. ;P

LOL! Cousin should be same generation as ya...

why the "if"?

cousins have one set of common grandparents.
your nephew is your sibling's male child and more distantly your spouse's sibling's male child. (female being niece)

the children of cousins call each other second cousins.
technically the children of your cousins are called 1st cousins once removed. (the "removed" bit referring to the difference in generation.) but in an asian context since we call our cousins, ke ke and di di or che che and mei mei, their children too just end up as nephews and nieces too.

hey. i like this explanation.
it's very detailed i must say.

well technically, he's yr cousin. :)

(Deleted comment)
hmmm why so may i ask? ;-P

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