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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: On Giving ::

:: On Giving ::

The key point is doing or giving whatever possible without
Expecting anything in return. Materially you may not be able to
Give much; yet it is not what or how much you give but your attitude
Behind the giving which is essential. Give freely whatever you can without
Expecting a reward. You never owned any of it in the first place.
It is impossible to have something completely for yourself.
There simply is no one to do the possessing and nothing to be possessed.
Everything is impermanent - empty and unsubstantial -
And everyone is without self.

-- Beyond Sanity and Madness --
- Master Dogen -

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your new avatar very nice :p

as a samaritan, i give without expecting return. most of the time as friends, i give, and i see returns: their happy and contented faces, and their truthful and honest replies. i know i can expect certain reciprocation from them, because i know they will do so, though sometimes it might come a little or a lot later. if it doesn't come, no loss on my side. but i have faith, and i'm certain it'll come back, no? =)

true, we don't own anyone. but we would like to be owned and to own. as archy pointed out, we came from the same source. so, maybe when we own each other, we thus feel, more complete? isn't that what you feel when you are with people you cherish? i don't want anything completely for myself. if anything, i'd only like as much as you would allow me to own, or to possess, as long as that amount is something more than nought.

everything is impernament, empty and unsubstantial? i am as permanent as the people who remembers me, if not, in the pages of history. perhaps in infinity, i am indeed unsubstantial. then again, why be unsubstantial and impermanent when we can be so much more in this life time?

these are my replies to what you have quoted.

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