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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Just a Sip of Duro Tuss ::

:: Just a Sip of Duro Tuss ::

It has been a turbulent month of sorts.
And he has been coughing for almost two full weeks.
What started off as a post-lunch interview with the ascetic Big Brother boys, coupled by
A Christmas dinner date at Barfly ended up becoming, a few SMSes and several days later
His own version of 'Sliding Doors' of sorts, with the
What ifs and what if nots.
So launches the playful machinery, well-oiled for another big
Foray into something somewhat closer to the heart than, skincare.
Something he could say "Yes!" resoundingly.
Yet, amidst the new mechanical sounds of clockwork, and the more familiar
Camouflaged nuances, he struggles internally,
Trying to place himself in between where (he thinks) everybody wants him to be,
And where (he thinks) he truly wants to be.
Is this what they call creative tension?
And so he sits, as he observes the ravelling and
Unravelling of the human emotions and everything
Else, and sips,
Just another sip of Duro Tuss.

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the journeyman who'd like to hold true to natural healing has paused to take a sip of durotuss (finally), and maybe it ain't so bad after all.

i want you to be where you truly want to be. (not helping, am i)


re your msn message: what's rare?

Think it's an error - it was addressed to spongeman initially.

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