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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Cancer ::

:: Cancer ::

Read levistud's entry about luncheon meat and
Got myself really curious about cancer and the main causes of cancer.

Some Facts on Cancer (based on Wikipedia)

In the USA and other developed countries, cancer is presently responsible for about 25% of all deaths.

For males in USA, most common cancer is
prostate cancer (33%),
lung cancer (13%) and
colorectal cancer (10%)

For males in USA, most common cause of death is
lung cancer (31%),
prostate cancer (10%) and
clorectal cancer (10%)

The most consistent finding, over decades of research, is the strong association between tobacco use and cancers.

Lifestyle choices cause cancer: tobacco, diet, exercise, alcohol,tanning choices, and certain sexually transmitted diseases are the major risks.

There is also a growing body of research that correlates cancer incidence with the lower levels of melatonin produced in the body when people spend more time in bright-light conditions, as happens typically in the well-lit night time environments of the more developed countries. This effect is compounded in people who sleep fewer hours and in people who work at night, two groups that are known to have higher cancer rates.

Sodium Nitrite as a food addictive
As a food addctive, it serves a dual purpose in the food industry since
It both alters the colour of preserved fish and meats and also prevents
Growth of Clostridium botulinum, the bacteria that causes botulism.
While the chemical will prevent the growth of bacteria, it is also toxic for mammals.

Various dangers of using this food addictive have been suggested and researched
By scientists. A primary concern is the formatoin of carcinogenic N-nitrosamines by reaction with sodium nitrite.

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i think cancer is really very scary.... haiz
i better not slp so late at nite aldy.. tks for sharing!:P

do u know that sg is one country with the highest rate of cancer?
and it's likely to be inherited...however we can prevent it according to what we eat and our lifestyle as well.

Talking about lung cancer, you forget to mention that it is more common amongst secondhand smokers. Smokers may stand a high risk, but they actually are placing their loved ones at an even higher risk!

As for sodium nitrite, you'll find it in all manner of canned and processed foods. Many of the digestive tract cancers have been linked to the increase in use of processed foods. Time to give hot dogs a miss... :S

hmm the bright lights at night was a new one to me!
this kind of explains some traditional chinese medical wisdom that my mum was trying to convince me about.

time to switch off all lights at night and walk around with a torch!


painful process, it is. if i have it, i won't let my friends or family know. cancer, that is.

why not?
sharing a burden brings people together as well.

erm, if they're meant to be together.

i think after my death, they have all the time to share the sadness and the weight (that is, if i'm worthy). i really think they don't need those when i'm still alive. i want them to face life and the beauty it has to offer as much as possible, and i want nothing negative for them when i'm still alive.

although it's part and parcel of life, and it brings ppl closer together, i can't bear to put them through this la. nuh-uh. if i see ppl cry, i'll cry 10 times more. heh.

what would you do if you were your family member or loved one?


!!!!! what, with a crowbar? :p

well, if i didn't know, it wouldn't hurt, right? i think, like you said, i'd like to know and share, and take care. but if this is the choice that someone close to me (family, and 'family') has decided, i'd respect it (after his / her death), at the same time, knowing very well that he / she didn't love me any less, but more.

but it's not realistic la. how to not know about it if one takes medication and goes for chemo. so, like you said, share lor. :p

OK...it's time to slow down on luncheon meat intake :P

aha! thats where the research is currently on. P53 :)

I was told that cancer is uncontrolled growth of cells. But that is the simplest explanation. The lab rat is trying to tell me more of what she is doing...

But many factors including the different make of each person also causes the uncontrolled growth. :P

With respect to what you have posted, I think if u look at the reference done at the end for the cancer statistics, those numbers are estimated. In some sense, it is non accurate as the data is estimated for only 1 year. In fact, the link for the first reference has stated that "The precise number of cancer cases diagnosed each year in the nation and in every state is unknown because complete cancer registration has not yet been achieved in many states". So there might be underreporting as data are not totally collected.

In fact, cancer statistics are relatively STABLE only in a 5 yr trend. So please do be careful when interpreting these numbers stated in wikipedia.(although in some sense wikipedia seems relatively reliable but correct interpretation has to be done by people who correctly interpret the results)
Moreover, when epidemiologists/health professionals look at cancer incidence statistics, we based it on adjusted standardized rates and NOT by mere percentages which makes no sense.

For a fact, you could look at http://www.cdc.gov/cancer/npcr/uscs/2002/facts_major_findings.htm for report from 1998 to 2002 for USA. In singapore, the top cancer incidence is lung cancer, followed by colorectum cancer and liver cancer. The last portion of tobacco smoking and links with cancer is somewhat non justified in most cases. In fact, susceptibility to cancer has to do with genetics and must of research has been pumped into utilizing these info to concoct better drugs for recovery. That, you could take a look at www.nccs.com.sg

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