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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Seeing Clearly, Tuesday Morning

:: Seeing Clearly, Tuesday Morning ::

When things fail to work, we can
Choose to leave it in situ. Or
We can choose to do something about it.
And so, after months of letting it lie around
Uselessly, I took it to the service centre.
The LCD screen was faulty and without a
Viewfinder, it was hard to take clear shots.
An outdated warranty and $217 later,
It's seeing clearly again, as
Seen this tuesday morning, at brunch.
Foreground, background.
Background, foreground.

I don't think I'm good at leaving faulty
Things in situ.

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So you have a "repairing" nature in you huh!

Good tuesday to you! Its so slow here...

Still, I'm a few months late.
Try deciphering my latest posting then if it's too slow a tuesday for ya.
Hint: it's taken near your place.

xmas is near and it's time to shop again!
dispose away the faulty and get a brand new one.
aid the economy to acclerate.
purchase while gst is still at 5%.

background and foreground. Can you really see clearly? Electronically can get 9 face focus at one shot, our eyes can do better, but ears and touch muddle with the processing, so can we really see?

Getting things sorted is good. Christmas is near, resolution is needed, New year is near, time to sort things out.

Merry happy Holidays!!


is the paul frank for me?

nice right!


drink lots of water dude!

nice one there..
hope ya doing fine..:)

(Deleted comment)
do you think it'll make a good phone strap?
better than the whistle?


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