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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Three Words. Two Drafts. One Week ::

:: Three Words. Two Drafts. One Week ::


(version one)

What matters most, the matter of metal
Is the mettle to discern what matters
Beyond the various physical forms
Which, over extended time, do transform

From solid into, liquid into gas
Shape-shifting between states, but metal, no less
A sword of steel kills and shows no mercy
Yet melted, recast, becomes currency

Metal is metal, regardless its state
The form may change but its nature innate
Coal or diamond, differing they may be
Quintessentially is just carbon copy

So decompose yourself, in front of me
To what you are, not what you try to be
For post-epiphany, now, I can tell
The one from heaven from the one from hell


(version two)

I wondered as I turned my head to see
The dark clouds hovering right on top of me
Will the cumulonimbus leave me dry
Or wet me with tears if she starts to cry?

In anticipation my friends all dispersed
To lower ground as they're all quite risk-averse
And CN wasn't really friendly too
By thundering tantrums like a Shakespearean shrew

Amidst the clashing metal of a din
My mind was silent as I started to think
If I'm struck invalid who will be there
To feed me and to change my underwear?

And so, post-epiphany, I remain
Drenched, but jubilant in the passing rain
For what matters most, when time overfills
Is the last one standing, on top of the hill


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someone so much time & inspiration hor... :p

so good. (seriously)

u win this round :p

Have you seen the one about the Bodhi tree by the Sixth Patriach of Zen Buddhism?

my 2 versions.

how much is too much?

how little is too little?

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