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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: The Cobweb - Raymond Carver ::

:: The Cobweb - Raymond Carver ::

A few minutes ago, I stepped onto the deck
of the house. From there I could see and hear the water,
and everything that's happened to me all these years.
It was hot and still. The tide was out.
No birds sang. As I leaned against the railing
a cobweb touched my forehead.
It caught in my hair. No one can blame me that I turned
and went inside. There was no wind. The sea
was dead calm. I hung the cobweb from the lampshade.
Where I watch it shudder now and then when my breath
touches it. A fine thread. Intricate.
Before long, before anyone realizes,
I'll be gone from here.

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if a cobweb's stuck my hair..i will struggle and scream like mad man..LOL! Just in case there's a huge spider that comes with it.

beautiful imagery suffused with bittersweet melancholy. reminds me of whitman's "a noiseless patient spider" though. the constant ever-so-subtle need to connect, to relate, to understand and be understood. man is not programmed to be alone; no man is an island.

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at least that isolated island is still part of the earth, part of humanity. and what life will you have if you have not life together?

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i figure the inter-connectedness of man would be more aptly applied in donne's time for the necessities of physical life required communal interaction. which was vital for material and spiritual sustenance. there's unity in diversity and vice versa. individualism doesn't necessarily have to be celebrated solely through "isolation" but maybe through the realisation that you're share similar traits with other people and yet possess differing characteristics such as thoughts, habits, emotions, etc? when have we, from birth till now, been able to live in "isolation"? however far one isolates self from humanity, its presence is just as real. think about the things you most enjoy and maybe you'll realise they somehow imply some sort of interaction with other people? is your experience of life not enriched by friendly interchange with quite a large number of people, not just one or two? even the girl and boy (or boy and boy, girl and girl) 'in love' with each other need the occasional break offered by their circle of friends by way of relaxation from the intensity of mutual infatuation. still i'm not authority on this subject ya know; i know only of the authority of this self and even so, i'm not certain that i'm behind the steering wheel. for now, i'll stash these qns to the recesses of my mind...heh :)

i'm so surprised that my favourite metaphysical poet, donne is even mentioned in this fascinating exchange of ideas! great discussion, keep it up!

harlow..... so fast spring cleaning liao?

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