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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Notwithstanding ::

:: Notwithstanding ::

Afternoon, runecircle
Replied to my rant,
"It's the hardest to awaken someone
Who is pretending to be sleeping."

On another note, Mid Autumn's Festival's round the corner.
At the Mooncake gathering, everyone was supposed to bring
A piece of mooncake. For drinks, long island tea was briefly served.
Those from Archangel tasted totally non-oriental; basil mooncakes? Erm.
Everyone avoided the Breadtalk Pork Floss Mooncakes like the plague as well.
And sambal mooncakes? It's good to see a large variety though.
I am surprised that there was not a single piece of the traditional ones.
I like the traditional ones.
Just one yolk.
And lots of lotus seeds, please.

Notwithstanding, I sit and watch and wait,
For the sleeping pretender to awake.

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oh.. btw. that pic reminds me of a lunar eclipse.. hahaa,.. dun ask me why. but i juz tot it was very apt after it struck me.

dinner wednesday?

sorry just got to read this - i can't make it on wednesday.
next week?

next week is fine.
tuesday to thursday should be free.. friday tentatively free.

pls confirm 1 day..!

me no like yolk. me like trad white lotus (good, fine white lotus) paste with seeds (or whatever nuts). goooood.

are you gonne out-wait the pretender..? at one point or another, he might fall asleep for real. maybe hoping for you to be gone by the time he wakes up. lol

no one waits forever, eh?

So who's the pretender????

the truffle/chestnut ones were good ok!

save some for me if there are any left in the fridge!

Yeah there're more and more of these out-of-this-world mooncake flavours nowadays. Foie gras mooncake, anyone?

i like the yolk one! ahaha..but my taste has gone more hip adays...snowskin mooncakes does it for me now! DURIAN! WAHHAHAHA!

the picture is very nice... cool..... *copied it down as a pic file* ... hopes it not IP rights inflingement.... :P

*wail* spent my mid autumn shooting guns at range.. =*(

well at least it's over right?
got yourself a hundred bucks?

got the 200 bucks during my first shoot.. this time ard was ORD shoot.. so yea.. =)

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