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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: ENTJ and His Love ::

:: ENTJ and His Love ::

For the ENTJ, love needs to fit into the overall picture and may become subservient to their larger goals.
Love is always within the context of what the relationship is.
One ENTJ stated, "I don't allow love to course freely through my body.
God forbid that it should control me rather than I control it!"
Love means a match between the ENTJ's needs and what the partner provides.
The loved one is, in a sense, an extension of the ENTJ's vision,
Preferably acting in a supportive, not competing, role.
ENTJs tend to make rigorous demands of love.
While they may fall in love easily, they maintain that love only
If the other person is willing to accept the ENTJ's directness and need for independence.

Because attractiveness is a part of our culture and an initial standard for many relationships
And because ENTJs like to do better than the standard,
They particularly take note of the attractive people.
The often wonder if they can 'win the heart' of the attractive other.
It becomes almost a game for them.

The partner of ENTJ can expect a hard-working and industrious provider
Who may use the fruits of his or her labor as an expression of love.
They may not be as verbally communicative of their loving feelings as others types.

ENTJs expect to have their needs met in relationships,
While maintaining their independence.
When the partner can no longer do that, it is logical for them to sever ties and to move on.
However, when ENTJs are scorned by others, they may feel a passionate devastation
And a strong sense of loss that is seldom shared with others.
However, this sense of loss and gloom generally lasts only a short period
Before they are ready to move on.


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What's the ENTJ? Is there a NJET or JENT or JNET? The way I see it, we're allowing ourselves to be classified or categorised. Well, I'm sure you know yourself best; you're the captain of your soul.

lalala haha

There are abundant fallacies and unsound assumptions in it too!

hey i found a topless pic of you in KM8 on the net!

The Myers-Brigss Type Indicator (MBTI) sorts for four dichotomies in the following order:
Extroversion and Introversion, (E/I)
Sensing and Intuition, (S/N)
Thinking and Feeling, (T/F)
Judging and Perceiving. (J/P)
This gives you 16 possible types.

The value in this and other typologies is in understanding how your typology may (or does) sense and process information in differing ways from other typologies. thus helping you to understand where the other is coming from. you are wise to steer clear of stereotyping or pigeonholing, which do not increase empathy and understanding.


Sigh... y you never ask me... I do training and sessions using MBTI... I can do alot more depth processing with you... hehehe..but at a cost :D cos the kit needs money to buy... and will have 2 hour consultation... if got couple even better... can do couple processing

is it any good?
i like psychological analysis (what's the plural for analysis?) and don't mind if it is worth the investment.

didn't know that. thanks!

it is worth it one... I did it with others and they say that it was worth the money... it is even more interesting to do it as couples

(Deleted comment)
that is just the superficial... I can even say about the couples argument and behavioural patterns :p

"it is logical for them to sever ties and to move on. "

what is this? a business venture? alamak. besides, ENTJ and whatever the cryptic pseudo-science acronyms are... i think it's a bit of a BS la. if pschology is so solid-sia, why haven't they just gone around and started predicting the criminals-to-be from middle school and weeding them out or at least putting them on close watch.

hmm, if someone has to ask "am i happy?" then he must not be lor.

aiya, since we are only using 2% of the mind, such pschological sciences, even if they are 80% accurate, are only accurate about 80% of that 2% of the whole mind. i am very sure the rest of the 98% can completely throw any study(s) or profiling off. i'd say it's a looooong ass way before pschology can really nail anything down flat.

hope all is well

me thinks mbti is (over 50%) accurate (which is enough to validate itself), and / but this statement is only applicable on a general whole / majority of the population (subject to universal agreement). of course, in any instance, there will always be deviants and extremes that the subject in question cannot reach / cover.

and then, who decides whether the 2% usage of the mind, is accurate? ^_^ you are taking the 2% for granted just as the other 2 million users (consist of mnc's and major companies) of mbti are taking the type indicator for granted. ^_^

ya... i see what you mean.

i guess i think that predicting the mind is like predicting the weather. even when you are right, you can suddenly be wrong!

i like you tindioxide! next time i must make miak intro us. seen you before but just never talked

Where did you get this from? I know my type and wanna check it out...

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(Deleted comment)

Re: Keirsey Temperament Sorter


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