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:: How to Play PIT ::


To be the first player to score a total of 500 points. This usually takes several hands of play. In each hand, you’ll try to "corner" the market on one of the following commodities: Barley, Corn, Coffee, Oranges, Oats, Soy, Sugar, or Wheat. You’ve cornered a market when you have in your hand all 9 cards of the same commodity.


One deck of 74 cards–8 suits of 9 cards each, plus a Bull card and a Bear card, and a Corner board.


There are two versions of PIT. The basic game is played without the Bull and Bear cards. At this time, remove them from the deck.

1. Place the "Corner!" board in the center of the table.

2. Prepare a score sheet.

3. Select a dealer.

4. The dealer prepares the deck for play as follows: Use one complete 9-card suit for each player. Leave the remaining suits out of play for the entire game.

5. The dealer shuffles the cards and deals 9, face down, to each player.

6. Pick up your cards and arrange them by suit. Be sure no one else can see them.

7. While arranging your cards, decide which commodity you’ll try to corner. Try to corner the commodity of which you hold the most cards.

8. After everyone has had a chance to sort his or her cards, the dealer announces, "The Exchange is open."


When the dealer announces the Exchange is open, begin to trade by taking from your hand one to four cards of the same suit. They will be of a commodity you do NOT wish to corner. Hold up the cards so the suit does not show and call, "Trade One! One! One!" or "Trade Two! Two! Two!" etc., depending on the number of cards you wish to trade.

You may trade cards with any opponent who is calling out the same number. Sometimes a particular opponent will want to trade fewer cards than you do. In this case, you may lower your bid and trade the smaller number.

Continue trading until one player gets 9 cards of the same suit. If you get there first, hit the Corner board and call out, "Corner on Corn!" (or whatever the commodity may be). Score the points marked on the commodity you’ve cornered and record it on the score sheet. Example: If you corner the market on Corn, you win 75 points. The winner of the corner reshuffles the cards and deals the next hand.


You’ll win the game by being the first player with at least 500 points. For a shorter game, the first player with 250 points wins.


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