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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: To the Golden Land ::

So my brother's going to Myanmar for some volunteer work.
"End of the year," he reminded me.
I'll be spending a few weeks in kangarooland as well, I realised.
"How do you feel about going away for a while?" "Excited?"
I recalled my first flight out of Singapore.
It was a chartered flight for the Officer Cadets headed for Brunei.
"I think so," he didn't know how to answer.
I wondered if he knew where Myanmar was.
I forgot to ask him, but I'm sure it'll be a meaningful trip for him.

I would have gone with him, if I could.

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My first flight was also during the army when I flew to Thailand for exercise. Subsequent flights were to Taiwan for ROC exercises.

I think volunteer work for less developed countries is very meaningful. I also want to do that but dunno where to start.

what volunteer work is your bro doing?

Anyhow, your entry titles was short-lived. I saw a couple of them in my RSS reader, and now it is back to blanks again. :(

i know why u call kangarooland as kangarooland, cos it has a lot of kangaroos. :]

why would u call myanmar the golden land? cos there are golds inside the land?

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