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Dreams are what you wake up from.

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(no subject)

:: Domo Goes to the Pool ::

A fragment of the supposed
Domo goes to Bintan series.

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its episode "Domo learns to swim"
:P must be fun

Bintan resort! Bungalow with 4 bedrooms and a pool facing the sez. Were you there over the last weekend?

was quite some time ago...

seemed like the photo was just taken yesterday =(

hmm interesting.
all he wears to swim are goggles....

while his mouth is perpetually open, i wonder what he expects to swallow while swimming...

OMG that's so funny! LOL

you actually brings domo everywhere you go? ;p

No lah, but he likes to follow though.

how did u dry domo when he gets drench?

where to buy domokun? :P

i bought domo-kun in taipei.

I'd like to know what happens when he's all soaked up water to the max! :)

The goggles look familar. Is it the pair I got for you on your bird-day?

Nope. I'm currently using the one you got. Quite a good fit.

still prefer the one Komo used. tied strings kind.

omg, soooo cute!!!

hope he didn't drop in though..

Want to see domo apply suntan oil, recline and sunbathe ;)

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