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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Doors ::

They say that, one door opens when another closes.
I wonder: must one close for another to open?

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hmm...these doors must be leading to somewhere.
wonder what will happen if some are locked?

not necessarily i say, but if too many doors are left open for too long, it would defeat the purpose of the concept of opportunity, wouldn't it?


but then, if you don't close the door after opening it,
very irresponsible wor~ :p

perhaps some doors are never meant to be opened, even if discovered ajar? like pandora's box, they are better left untouched?

My door is always open for someone....

no need. if one close, one open, air con not cold liao. both doors must be closed so that air con can be cold.

and, who are "they?"

wonder not. me thinks you know it all too well. :p

What if too many doors open and you already got into one? Do you go check the other doors out?

when a kitten dies another one is born
must one die for another to be born?

in other words? not necessarily, and usually, no. i forgot the name of that particular type of fallacy, but there is one. this was off a textbook i had once, i think

something like: if a = b, and b = c, then yes a = c; however, if a leads to b and b leads to c, does a lead or c or vice versa? not necessarily, and usually, no.

hope i didn't disenchant a poetic moment for you, but just a note of fyi la

Of course not. But the hopeful phrase is about other opportunities presenting itself in other forms. It is not that one has to close one in order to have another open.

In my life its usually like that.When I have problems and there are no ways to solve them.A new door opens right away=)

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