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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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The Trouble With Happiness

:: The Trouble With Happiness ::

In the modified ending to Brazil, directed by the talented Terry Gilliam
The protagonist Sam and his love Jill escape from
The Ministry of Information to lead a life of bliss in the countryside.
In the original edition, the movie continues a little further.
The idyllic scene is abruptly revealed to be nothing more than
Sam's hallucination.
Sam sits, locked in the dentist's chair, a victim of a lobotomy
At the hands of the Ministry of Information, and
All that was blissful was in fact, nothing more
Than a "flight into fantasy within his shattered mind."

This 'double-ending' concept left a deep impression on me
Ever since I watched Brazil about a decade ago.
My mind revisited this while I was making a comment.
On drycleanonly's entry about happiness.

The problem with happiness is that it is probably
Impossible to objectively define happiness as we know or understand it.
Everyone has their own concept of happiness, and
It is almost as pointless as trying to define the colour green such that
A completely colour blind person could understand
The experience of seeing green.
Hence, could a mentally-challenged person be happier than anyone of us?
That was my point to the generally-accepted notion that $ is the key to happiness.
Money is without doubt essential, and hey I want more $ too.
$ fulfills the material aspect, the most basic aspect of needs.
But do we really how we want to be happy, especially in this age of consumerism?

Recent research conduct by Daniel Gilbert and others has
Unearthed several new elements about the business of happiness w.r.t humans.
The first element being that the major events of our lives have minimal effect
On our overall long-term happiness.
Did you get married this year, or not?
Have you been involved in a war lately or a victim of crime?
Regardless as to your answer, it is a fair bet your happiness
Will be more of less the same in the long term.
The latter could be understood if you accept that the brain has a mechanism of sorts
To reset people back to their baseline happiness over time.

The second element of happiness is the terrible truth that
We are awful at predicting what will give us happiness.
Do you expect that a new car or home will give you happiness?
Certainly it will, just not as much as you expect.
The same is truth is the opposite.
Do you think that getting rejected by your crush or losing a game
Will make your unhappy?
It will, just not as much as you expect.

Ahh.... expectations.

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You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life. ~ Albert Camus

You got to watch Happiness if you haven't. You'd like it.

Do you agree with that statement?

Happiness? Is it a japanese movie?

Things can be so simple and things can be so complex. That's why I gave you such a short response.

While we should have basic compromise in our relationship with society since we do not live alone on an island, ultimately we have to draw our own lines. I'd manage any problem I can, else I'd just accept things as they are and learn to live with or without it. If I did something hurtful and couldn't patch it no matter what I'd do, I'd back off and move on with my life. I do wonder if it is because my family depends on me and I can't afford not to lose track, they do contribute to my happiness.

I do give in very often, I feel that most things don't matter anyway. Really, ultimately a lot of things really do not matter; like missing an event, a movie, not getting the best deal, missing out on some great food. The pleasure from these events DO only last you a few moments (inclusive of memory of it).

Eg: If I am unhappy with someone, I wanna solve my own issues before I can find out about his issues with me and try to solve it. I won't wanna let it waste my time or ruin my mood for too long; there's too much happening in other parts of my life too.

See, lobotomy is indeed bliss; less complex that way. It's like if I am in the Matrix, I would rather be in it than out living in the dirty hole! Life's too short for dirty clothes and constant injuries to save silly humans who will destroy life anyway!


Black comedy, nothing poetic. But twisted look on people's perception of happiness.

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