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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: Every Night ::

When I got home, I went to the balcony, just like I do everyday.
I filled the green pail with water; almost to the brim.
While waiting for the water to fill, I swept up the fallen bamboo leaves.
I watered the four pot of bamboo plants.
I watered the yam plant, that one I pilfered from the treetop walk.
I then watered the plant Mark gave me for my birthday last year.
It almost died due to overwatering, but after I transplanted it
It now has reached about my height.
Three scoops for the bamboos, one scoop for the rest.
I peeked at the waterlily pond.

Hey the water's clear!
It has been murky for the longest time.
The doctor must have cleared it.


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an articulation of how i felt, at that moment.

when can we ve some yam cake desert? :P

you want to kill my yam plant!

*runs away*

You have to start putting titles in your entries man! My RSS reader is showing you as blank! :)

Hmmm but my titles have always existed in my entries.
How liddat?!


Wah... by the way you say things... it sounds like your place is gong to be a forest, hehehe.... you can invite me over to help with the chopping down of the forest lah... hahahahaha.... chop, chop, chop :p

trust me. 4 bamboo plants doth maketh a forest.

Ahhh bamboos shed too much leaves...which is when i never grow them but I love them. I grow water lilies with different varieties and colours too! Just that I hate digging them out and putting "blood & bone " fertiliser (they are real greedy feeders) into the mud, making the water murky and fish swirling for breath :(

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