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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: "Die Sonne scheint noch." ::

From the interview with director Marc Rothemumd:

"I admire her courage.
She turned down the 'golden bridge' offered to her
By the interrogation officer Robert Mohr:
Thus practically signing her own death sentence.
I find this approach to death quite startling:
How does such a life-affirming, positive-minded
Young woman like Sophie Scholl come to terms with
The fact that her life is being taken away from her?
How does she find a meaning in her death?
And, of course, as an atheist I ask myself:
Is it easier to face death as a believer?

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Perhaps she knew her life didn't stop there

have u also thought of life after death?

I would still like to think that death is death.

Perhaps there is more meaning to life than what we make of this feeble existence. Afterall, life is not just what we eat, and what we do, but also the legacy we leave behind. Even an atheist, or someone who does not believe in life after death, can appreciate this point, right?

I think I get your point.
I used to subscribe to the notion that what really mattered is the name, or this case, the legacy one leaves behind. On a simple sense, it's like the name of Raffles, as the founding father of Singapore (so national day!). Or Luther King, Junior for his legacy of racial equality.

Of course, such ideas only come into play when your basic needs, like hunger and shelter are fulfilled. Just the hierarchy of needs... ;)


religious people are sometimes the weakest of the lot, using "god" as a convenient and invincible excuse or ghetto-solace for anything and everything.

it's really up to that person, i believe.

Do you think there's anything after death?

yes. i have seen ghosts before, so i reckon that there must be.

I do agree that religion tends to be used as a moral crutch. Afterall, it was Marx who uttered that Religion is the Opium of the People... ;)


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