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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Maladaptation ::

A maladaptation is an adaptation that is (or has become)
less helpful than harmful.
It is a term used when discussing
both humans and animals in fields such as
evolutionary biology, biology, psychology
(where it applies to behaviors and other learned survival mechanisms)
and other fields where adaptation
and responsive change may occur.
Like adaptation, it may be viewed as
occurring over geological time,
or within the lifetime of one individual or a group.

It can also signify an adaptation that,
whilst reasonable at the time,
has become less and less suitable and
more of a problem or hinderance in its own right,
as time goes on.

This is because it is possible for an adaptation
to be poorly selected or become less appropriate
or even become on balance more of a dysfunction
than a positive adaptation,
over time.

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Where did you come across this word?

So in another words, is it getting used to something over time, yet it does no good for you?

Was reading some stuff on the internet on the adaptability of human beings (to their environment) and then chanced upon this term. it's noteworthy that while many human beings are able to adjust (quickly or slowly) to their environment and 'blend' into the enviroment, others react aversely and are eventually annihilated.


I hope I dun exist to destruct.


i think we all destroy at some points in our lives, some way or the other.

Pride = maladaptation.

i would like to think so as well.

i remember many years ago, when i was arguing with a good friend of mine on digital photography vs (then conventional) film photography. no one won the argument, and we both had our fair points. but as the current world moves towards digital photography he has since bought a digital camera. if he resisted because he truly found film photography, i think it's not maladaptation. but if it was because of pride that prevented him from experimenting with digital photography, then it's maladaptation.


Maladaption... Not trusting people? I was also thinking about sickle-cell anaemia, but it still has a purpose of preventing malaria. What about thalassaemia?

it's about time. what is the exit strategy?

exit strategy?
from what?

you do not, you do not, malapropopism.

i hear you, i hear you, well.

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