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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Domo Adventures ::

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are people unaware when ya're takin pictures, or do they stare?

how the hell do you put domo on the floor, queueing up and take a shot of it man?

Yeah! Didn't like other people stare? :D



Domo domo in japanese means?

How do u manage to put all these thing in to a comics strip !

Its a real steal!
But its fun to see comics strips done up!

Tsu ke ma shi ta ka ?

domo should try absolut red ruby =j

eah more more.. such a fun short read... and domo is freakingggg cuteee.....

eh! where can i buy a domo?


I found Domo-kun in Taipei.

wootz. nice

maybe i sms playben or jimi help me buy domokun

waaa...domo is so scute lah. u very daring lo to place domo on the floor and take pic. Ppl will tink u r weird. More of domo pls.. very enjoyable

I actually have more pictures and was about to do the third installment, but I guess I was just too busy to get down to it.....

Nvm..take ur time. Just do a good job out of it. Gambatte

eh...need ur help... how do u change filename.comic into a jpeg file? do u need a special programme for it can u do it straight comic life??

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