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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Drifting - Rehashed ::

Did we drift to isolate ourselves?
Did we drift to go nowhere?
Somewhere, anywhere, but here?
Was it an escape or an escapade?
Doesn't matter, doesn't really matter.
Doesn't really matter, at all.

We traversed the stars across the sky
We set sight on the boiling sea
We stood still while the borders fly
We ended it with a chao dai di.
The waters did boil eventually
The effervescence of the jacuzzi.

(Drifting in the boundless sea
that reflected the twinkling stars above.
Drifting, we shared our experiences
and talked about things like love.
Drifting, we reminisced about our past
and all the little other things.
Drifting, we gazed at the Orion
and wondered what the future brings.
Drifting, drifting, we drift away
from the conventions that tie us down
from the restrictions that make us frown.)

Like dreams, we drift.
Drifting, we sail home....

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nice picture...

me miss the sea...

lucky for you you didn't mention the not-so-funny song...

haha for a moment i read
Drifting, we gazed at the Orion as Drifting, we GLAZED the ONION

ben, in that position looks like the one he was in when we were at Floatilla.

floatilla i never sleep leh ... mustn wear the green cap to the sea no more

oh that green adidas cap is NICE!!!!

You sound so heavy hearted. Isn't it supposed to be a carefree trip?

so nicely written.. so metaphysics :)

drifting is great
driven is not

for the heart and soul, that is

the opposite is true for the body and mind

i used think that we are all just fools on earth waiting to die

these days, when i see my parents' grey hair, my brother now in his teenagey angsty phase, the number of true friends i really only have, i soooo know that we are all just waiting to live. really really live

not THIS. money, business, debts, bank accounts. pah!

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