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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: How Does Your Garden Grow? ::
:: Nurture vs Nature ::

Do you grow your garden with intent?
Do you envisage a definite end?
Of an orchid garden of violet blooms?
Or a lush tropical fern forest?
Or a spartan grey garden of rocks?
Do you nurture with intent?
Do you plant the seeds?
Do you till the earth?
Do you provide the nutrients?
Do you regularly water?
To reap what you sow or

Do you trust the creativity of nature?
Do you revel in nature's surprises?
And say, "Come what may!" to
An unrestrained growth of sorts?
Or a withered bed of thirstied roots?
Do you practise restraint?
Do you live for the moment?
Do you whistle with the wind?
Do you bid today goodbye with a chuckle?
Do you relish the spontaneity of now?
To reap what you didn't sow?

What do you do?

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do what needs to be done...

nature will take it's course and nurture will bid it's root.

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wouldn't it be a little too gray?
i wonder.

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(Deleted comment)
I used to trust nature...then I resort to pruning my own bushes after a while.

With your own pruning, how's the result?

(Deleted comment)
i do have a vision or a dream. and a rough concept. but at the same time i will not persist if a particular plant fails.

daily watering and fortnightly feeding are ok. but sometimes i do get lazy and if the rains don't come it hurts to see wilted plants. if only i had bothered to water them. but i have problems with insecticides and fungicides - only when absolutely necessary and the gentlest sort.

other than that i play around with positioning to see where each plant can thrive. and every now and then i try new plants to replace the ones that have failed to survive. and those that do well get propogated. so over time i guess only best suited my particular environment will be there.


and yes. that is almost exactly how i grow my relationships too.

heh heh... i can tell by looking at your courtyard!

nature gives you an entire package. in this instance, we can custom-install the things that we want, and the things that we do not want.

so it's nurture nature for you?

As with many alike, I do a little bit of both. Life is too full to not see the many shades of grey.

will it be a case of growing and nurturing plants, as well as leaving certain areas for weeds and et cetera to grow?

very long and difficult to read.

actually if you understand the heading: How Does Your Garden Grow and Nurture vs Nature you would have gotten the gist of it all.

Does a rose blooms better in the greenhouse or a rose which is grow in the wild?

A rose in the green house may bloom better with the nurture receive from the gardener and in a protected environment.

A rose that is grown in the wild would be stronger through the haste enviroment that it is growing in.

There is never an absolute answer to a question of right or wrong but a matter of what you are willing to accept.

Did you write this?
I like it. And i will be keeping it.

Thanks :)

Do I receive royalties?


i don't usually live life like a chess game. not until i got to singapore. this sort of environment kills ones soul

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