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:: The Alchemist ::

Justin passed it to me eons ago.
Was it last year, or the year before?
I cannot remember anymore.
I finished the first few chapters
Within a week of receiving it.
However, I misplaced it in my tiny room
And only chanced upon it
Very recently.

It must be a sign, I thought to myself.
Marc's extracts came to mind.
I read the book.

It was a fairly easy book to read.
It is a book of parallels.
I recall this quote:

"At a certain point in our lives,
we lose control of what's happening to us,
and our lives become controlled by fates.
That's the world's greatest lie.

Whoever you are,
or whatever it is that you do,
when you really want something,
all the universe conspires in
helping you achieve it."

I thought of Joseph Campbell.
I thought of Jason
And of auras and energies and
All the goodness of this earth.

Suddenly, I'm reminded to
Hope again.

(Time to return the hope
Back to Justin too.)


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