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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Wanna Fly ::

Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon.
I have always remembered this part
When Guitar corrects Milkman about the peacock:

"He. That's a he.
The male is the only one got that tail full of jewelry.
Son of a bitch...
Too much tail.
All that jewelry weighs it down.
Like vanity.
Can't nobody fly with all that shit.

Wanna fly, you got to give up
The shit that weighs you down"


Do thoughts weigh one down as well?
Could one's life be happier with less thought?

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thoughts weigh as much as the time invested, i suppose.

as for happiness... i am not sure because you have your own definitin for happiness.

I've always wondered that as well.
And it seems that whenever such thoughts resurface (irony: thinking about whether thoughts weigh you down lol), 2 sides of my head will fight tooth and nail with my capacity for thinking emerging by a hair's breadth. :)

it's like measuring happiness against a scale of rationality vs impulse. i think we need to find the balance. too much of either may weigh you down or let you fly out of control respectively.

and ditto runecircle's comment on happiness as well.
some derive happiness from insights, but i suspect we are mostly happy when our thoughts bring us somewhere...

is that glass of water half full, or half empty.

wait, make that milk.

is that glass of milk half full, or half empty.

and could one's life be happier with less cookies.


only when thoughts become memories -bad ones that is- i guess.

well, they do say ignorance is bliss.

many people say i think too much but i am always saddenned by thoughtlessness and try not to be thoughtless myself.

another take would be that only sad thoughts, worries?, weigh you down. while happy or optimistic thoughts lift you up. ('never underestimate the power of a dream')

so: dream more, worry less?

just one more take.
yes, thinking may make you less happy, but we all have a responsibility to think, even when the conclusions are saddening. though perhaps not too much?

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