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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: Gallery - FIVE ::

Special Sashimi Platter. Had to get the chef to remove the
Squid and Octopus and Prawns.
Just fish please.

Salmon Belly.
Too fatty. Eek.
Do you know you can actually eat that stalk?

Firefly squid in special miso paste.
Didn't really like it. Eeky. Bad choice.
Guess who chose it because of the "firefly" label?

Unagi Special Set.
Chikuyotei's famous for their eel.
This set must be eating with tea.

Curry Wagyu Set.
The Wagyu's naturally delicious.
The korean chili paste gave it a fiery taste.


Pictures from FIVE@Chikuyotei.
Laid out in a linear fashion.
I miss PICASA.

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It must have cost you a bomb!

if only singapore got those streetside ramen kinda stalls i see in those anime...

The layout this way is nicer. Much clearer.

on the contrary i only eat the squid octopus and prawns! hahahaha we should go together =P

salmon belly is best enjoy RAW. *yummy* then swordfish! My latest Jap food craze is on Cod fish roe! Damn Ooiishie!!

I tried eating that stalk that is tinted pink...didn't taste so good though...lol!

Celebrating your Fifth in a restaurant that's on the fifth floor! Cool! :)

(That anonymous comment is mine, heh)

Unagi Special Set looks good eh.
where's Chikuyotei arh??


Evil... Tempting me...

wah... so fattening... all the carbs also. =P

nice food!
where could i find them?

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