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Dreams are what you wake up from.

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:: Sharon is a good cook ::

The best sunday laksa I've eaten, ever.

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I just had mine near your home.

Mouth-watering, until I realised the amount of msg I had eaten!

this image is so....uggrh. now im craving for laksa. real singaporean tasting laksa..not some cheapo sydney rip-offs....=(

funny that you said that; the laksa was prepared by a half-australian!

francise the laksa biz! :D

You mean I was not invited AGAIN. Sigh

we had to try it first for the first time to make sure it's delicious before we invite his majesty over.


"so strong" 16 bit lolita's mix. sounds so interesting..
by who?

Mischa Daniels Feat Aisata


the composition of this picture is very nice - from cool blue porcelain to warm orange gravy to the core of the dish - a dollop of red hot chilli

still can't beat the 25 course dinner we went through!

nice, hmmm... actually, veryyyyyyyyyyyy nice. :)

but roast beef ice cream better right?


so different lor, i dun think i would enjoy one bowl of roast beef ice-cream as much as one bowl of laska. :)

quite true as well.
but i'll wanna try that roast beef ice cream again.

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