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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: The Grass is Greener on the Other Side ::

"You look tired," he said.
I thought I have been sleeping earlier than usual, lately.
I looked at the image in the mirror.
Indeed I look a little haggard, a little expired.

Could it be the lack of sun?
I look a little paley white.
Like the fresh hamachi sashimi
Waiting to be devoured.
Maybe I should get myself some colour
This weekend, in the sun.

Could it be the lack of rest?
Rest is never enough, but adequate for me, thank you.
I am so thankful I have no insomnia.
And I dream no dreams, and even if I did they linger no more.
Yet something somewhat lingers, I confess.

Could it be the lack of answers
To the few significant crossroads of decisions that
Would most certainly impact my life and periphery?
Possibly so.
The self-justification cycle makes all right alright, thus wrong.

How does one choose the greener grass on the other side?
How does one choose the other side with the greener grass?

Maybe more sun, then.

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answers come with questions, the most fundamental of all being -
how well do you know yourself?

maybe the answer has always been there, it merely lacks an adequate, and brave, response.

and thus, the weekend comes undone. =)

the problem lies with this:

having the most bravery and courage to live up to a stupid decision is inadequate. there is never enough of a complete, total picture to aid decision making (gosh i sound so IKC2!) and hence, the best decision cannot be made, thus allowing room for regrets.

but having said that, i concur: once a decision made, no regrets.

well, you did make one decision - to be somewhat linked to IKC2. now that's fool's courage.

*ha* *la*

ok, joking. =)

the sun will make your skin worse, no? that's what diana ser taught me on channel news asia.

sunlight induces vitamin e.
not too much, of course.

Honestly you still look fine! :)

What you probably need is to recharge your mind/emotions/spiritual self :D That's something even adequate rest (in the traditional definition of the word) can't really help...


*looks for charger*

A 1 month stay at a Zen Buddhist temple in Japan, perhaps? :)

Nobody stays young forever. =j
That said, there are old people who look young and not tired.

i wouldn't want to stay young forever!
there's beauty in transition; and with progress there's a tendency to reflect more (which i'm already doing too much) and appreciate and treasure what's transient.

good morning!

hmmm...put sun screen.
well, watching comedies help! or, even chocolates!!! :)

little britain's good, i must say.
nevertheless, decisions that has to be made, has to be made, eventually.

and there's a time limit to eventuality.


You feel exactly the way I do at times!
I sleep early, and yet I look more tired and haggard than usual!
I guess we are like machines, we only feel the after effects of constantly operating only when we start to slow down and rest. The engine overheats...
A little sun will do good, but not too much!
You take care and pamper yourself more!

The grass may look greener but also nothing venture, nothing gained.

Get out of your comfort zone. U may end up happier for a longer time. :)


i'm only afraid that i may be venturing into something that i'm better without. do we make that jump across the chasm to go over to the other side and retrieve the treasure? i would like to. but what if the chasm is so wide that i'll most probably fall and crash to my death? i wouldn't know until i jump, but is it worth it all to try? it's the assessment of the pluses and minuses of the ultimate decision that tires.

maybe i'll toss a coin!


if you should jump, that would cause a major earthquake!


less party loh. look young young & fresh fresh liao.

actually i think that's a very sweeping statement!
it's like saying that everyone that does not exercise is not healthy and vice versa.
i think it's more than that.

less party loh. sleep more more. drink more water water. eat healthy healthy. exercise regularly. stay happy happy. look young young & fresh fresh liao mah.

what more you want leh, yan dao?

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