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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Beast and the Skin Deep Beauty ::

I watched King Kong this afternoon.
I have never watched the 1933 version.
Nor have I watched the 1976 version.
I was moved by Kong's affection for Ann Darrow.
But as I was moved, my inner voice reminded me that
I was moved by something that wasn't human.
In fact, it was not even there.
I was watching some clever animation.
And brilliant acting by Naomi Watts.
I recall immediately the other movie that moved me very much.
The Iron Giant.
I think I get moved easily by things not human.
Maybe they're easier to trust.

Back to King Kong.
Was it Beauty that killed the Beast?
Could there be a happy ending where
Kong, clutching Ann safely in his hands
Returns to the safe haven of his forgotten jungle?
Most stories at least end with a "happily ever after"
(Even though we know it's momentary)
In this one, Kong dies.
Ann gets swept in the arms of Jack.
Moral of the story?
Don't be different.
Don't love beauty.
For beauty is skin-deep no matter what they say.
And if you're a beast with a kind heart
Go quickly, go away.
For they'll shoot you anyway.

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I WAS WATCHIN THIS TOO THIS AFTERNOON!!!! hahahaha...cant go out la..just had an op and was discharged two days ago

thanks for using hongkong as your backdrop. lol.


haha missing HK huh? check out my LJ for pics in HK keke...

i was moved too..

but somehow, it feels very unrealistic in the society we live in - not that is doesn't & hasn't happened.

as in, being able to love what's inside before the outside.

So nicely put and well written. Gave me goosebumps =)

Much as it is seemingly realistic I think sometimes things also happen how the society deems it as something that cannot happen.

Think you get moved by King Kong and Iron Giant becos you see us in them.

Both characters are outsiders, of the 'mainstream'. We could identify with them - and their yearnings to be accepted. To be able to hold hands (in Kong's case.. sit on hand) and walk down the streets. To just want a companion to make you smile, to watch sunset together.

We, like them, could not understand why untainted love could be so misunderstood.

was it a sad ending because he died?

to die believing in something isn't sad. to me anyway. i frankly think it's sadder that so many are alive believing in almost nothing, and work towards believing nothing at all

i think it's sad because it seemed that the beast sacrificed himself for his love, while his love didn't really reciprocate (though she was touched) and very quickly fell into the arms of another when the beast fell.

no lah, just touched by the humanity of the beast. =)

... romantic musclehead, you. piang ;) kyakakaka

my head not too muscular thank you!


what's a musclehead?
musselhead i know.


my exams' are finally over. once my course ends let's do dinner in april. four or five of us.


They'd shoot anything different or ugly.

ugly is subjective.
different is not.

well, I must say my movie experience was quite, quite different.

on another note, it's easier to trust things which aren't human, because they don't emote. they don't disappoint. and they don't show any feelings, they take it all in, making us unafraid to venture and tell all.


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