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Dreams are what you wake up from.

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:: Ending March ::

And so, with the completion of the exams, another chapter closes.
I hate examinations.
Why is there a need to have us tested and ranked?
Just a day ago, a few of us raised our concerns with the format of the exam.
"What's the point of having an exam that makes the student with the best memory the best student?" many echoed.
"What do you suggest then," our facilitator retorted.
The problem with exams is that they are usually too quantitative, but not qualitative.
How do we gauge the effectiveness of a leader, or a manager?
By how well he is able to answer multiple choice questions?
Even via feedback from peers, are we really able to glean enough?
The moment everyone knows that everyone will be graded and classified
Everyone becomes templated; learning stops.

Lots happening lately.
If only I have the time and am articulate enough to put it all down.

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i think all u need is time. articulate? you're way too good when it comes to that! though there're better people out there, but those are the ones who do it for a living. =)

Curious, why the nick "tinoxide" ?

Big mistake wor ... it looks like "tindioxide" to be me le.

yeah what was i thinking!

eh.. tin's part of my hokkien name. 'tindioxide' came to me when i was reading abt mineral cassiterite (tin in its natural and raw form) - and i was drawn to the similarities in characteristics btwn me, and the metal. and that it had to be a part of my name, hence. =)

have a good rest now... sometimes, it's best to let things take its course (yes yes yes, I know it's cliche! :P)

well, read my blog..haha...
I am good, just terribly busy with work these weeks.
Glad that you have been updating your blog.
Alternatively, add me on msn.

lookslike it's the theory exams that u hate.
i prefer practical exams, do u?

good luck to ur results :)

i reiterate my dislike for exams.

The trend is towards open-book tests, authentic assessment and real world problems. Schools now use a system to assess different practical skills in science, rather than having practical exams. There is also project work at various levels. One polytechnic has gone fully problem-based learning and assessment.

However, it is difficult to implement such assessment methods and the teachers are still learning. However, educators do begin to recognise its importance.

Yet, in the knowledge based economy, memorisation is still essential, especially at foundation level. Of course you can argue that knowledge is widely available at the click of the mouse. But then, it is sometimes what you know at the crucial moment that makes the difference. If you don't know the foundation at the tip of your fingers, how are you going to apply?

We cannot run away from assessments. In most cases, it distinguishes one who have gained the knowledge from one that did not. Have faith that the assessment system is evolving into something better. But like all things, it takes time.

Finally, all the best in whatever exams you are having.

IPPT soon.
Time to train up.

just cleared mine. *blegh*

aim for GOLD!!!

bo lah.. silver onli lah... cant jump for nuts

the theory and practice of exams is rather complex and loaded with cultural baggage.

just a few quick thoughts:

it's not so much the examination but the grading and ranking (competition) that does not support learning?

you get what you measure and sometimes what you really want to get is difficult to measure - so you settle for the proxy and then end up getting more of the proxy than the actual target.

no matter how objective they try to be (in many systems that i have seen) there is one critical step that makes it all subjective and/or susceptible to gaming anyway.

take care. i am sure you know how to game with the best of them.

i would like to think of myself as a "player", someone who understand the implied rules of the game and play it that way, but sometimes we start disadvantaged from the start, and that makes the game a little harder to play.

It's like trying to do well in a family-run business where the sons and daughters will be groomed to head the firm. No matter how hard we try, we will probably end up as the assistants and the auxilliary personnel.


ah but once you know how the cards are stacked then you can play a different game.

and like i said, you look like someone who knows how to play by the real rules of the game.

don't rant, losers rant. winners change the rules.

(ok, i can't believe i just typed that last sentence!!!! 8-P )

but if there is no exam, there will be no exam drama like the guy who ran around the library naked (UCBerkeley). then there's also the bonding time with ur study buddy, with lots of coffee, cigarettes and no sleep. there's no guilt in looking like s***. there's also the after-exam therapy where the poor-scorers gather together to vent and encourage each other. and of course, the after-exam party.
i love exams. (but i hate those open books open notes, close neighbors ones)

oh yah, all the best!!! jia you jia you!! gambatte!!

i love the fact that exams are used as the school's perception of how well a certain someone would rank against the general population in terms of academia and to project this rankin onto prospective employers who wld then attempt to scurry for the top students with high initial pay only to be disappointed by the capabilities of these bookworms. i love being the underdog in such a situation. revenge is wayyy too sweet when now, close to 4 yrs after my grad from school, i pulled in more pay than most of the first class honors in my cohort. seeing them struggle in their current job for a pathethic pay gives me an immense and perverse delight that it completely vindicated all the snobbery i had to endure when i was a medicre student back in school..hhahahaaha evil i know

i guess, as long as it does not breed a bitter overeagerness to get that last laugh at establishment, it's alright.


i was high from the painkillers when i was typin the earlier comment. ignore it...hahaha it sounds dead egoistic and tryin too hard to prove something..haha

Albert Einstein ~ The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.

If only there are better ways to test someone's understanding of a concept rather than pure regurgitation of facts.

If I ask a question like how to do something, many people will have many ways of doing it; but schools will mostly teach us that one method and rate us for that.

depends on which sch, which educator and which system, so cant really generalise.

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