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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Bandit King of Ancient China ::

Gosh I can't believe
Seventeen years later
I'm stuck on it once again.

Bandit Kings of Ancient China is a turn-based strategy video game published by KOEI in the 1980s for the Nintendo Entertainment System, MS-DOS, Amiga and the Macintosh. It revolves around recruiting and managing heroes and armies, and capturing and developing territories, called 'prefectures.'

The game is set in 13th century China, close to 1000 years after the events chronicled in Koei's better-known Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the weak royal court of the Song Dynasty inspired the rise of legendary bandits who proclaimed themselves the bandit kings. This game is based on the epic Chinese tale, the Water Margin, and can be described as a more difficult RTK, because although the setting and gameplay remain similar, you start out in exile and must fight many stronger opponents. Personnel management and resource allocation, therefore, become much more important here, especially when you can only perform one move a month! Perhaps the easier aspect in comparison to RTK is that in order to win the game, you need only to kill Gao Qiu and do not need to conquer every prefecture in China.

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oh yeah... i re-lived RTK last year as well... super addictive!! ;-P

hur hur i used to play RTK too.

i usually use Lu zhi Sheng. Wu Song not very intelligent... hard to do cultivate and what not.. n if i din recall wrongly, Wu Song dun have naval skill!

yeah he's stuck rather inland!

He's good at expeditions as well, esp when it comes to tigers!

OMG... this takes me back. I loved the Romance of the Three Kingdoms games my brother had.

woow....how do you able to play this game ?? teach me man..
I love that game , especially all the KOEI Games ...sigh ever since i switched to Xp,,it doesnt let me play all my classic game ...:(( .

you will have to download a DOS emulator.

during my sec days, i was hook on Water Marshes Bandits, ROTK and Nabounaga. few of my sch frens would crowd ard the PC n wait for their turns
no network capbabilities then

*looks at the graphics*... hehehe

oh oh BANDIT KINGS OF CHINA!! i love taking Shi Jin in scenario2, Chao Gai in 3, Song Jiang in 4...

can send me the game?haha can't find it

OMG ROTK! The last time I was playing it, it was on my 286 man!

tell me about it.
my computer's brand was AMSTRAD. defunct long long time ago!

amazing... i remembered it was on those 5 1/4 diskettes... argh...

u have? lend me leh... hahahaha...

when i saw this, i tried downloading this on the internet but it wouldn't run on my computer!!!!!!!!

as mentioned, you'll need a DOS emulator.
do a google search.

wow you guys must be really old.


Wah! I love this game!!
but it was obsolete before I was old enough to play it! ;P

omg hee i love this game 2! hahahaha used to play it like forever. i like to create a new character myself though, a female chiobu haha

wah lau! long time no see!
this game is a classic!

used to have tons of old games like these, am starting on commander keen. :D

omigosh. This has certainly brought back memories! ROTK 3 was my favourite. Could spend hours playing!

oh, I didn't know Wu Song was a ruler. I know him as a sister-in-law basher.


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