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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: Dust to Dust? ::

Dust to Dust - Dorothy Winslade

Just a few lunches ago, out of the blue, I asked the Doct how he would like to be buried.
"Any requests?" I inquired.
"I don't really care. Do what you want," he mumbled.
"At least state your preference lah."
"I don't really care. I'll be dead anyway."
"No special requests like having your ashes scattered in the sea?"
Talking about special requests, I thought of Mr Sim's request.
He wanted one of Paul van Dyke's Trance pieces for his funeral procession.
That is interesting.
That would be very interesting, if it did happen one day.
"Actually I wouldn't really care how I would be buried as well," I added.
"In fact, I don't even need a wake; save some money."
The doctor retorted, "the funeral is not about you."
"It's about the people who're close to you," he explained.
Yeah, I know.
There he goes again, evading my enquiry.
That's the doctor.
Maybe I'll just play one of his memorable compilations.
That'll be House Number Six - with The Sound of San Francisco in it.
And for me?
Have a funeral if you want to, but not for me.
Just let me journey back
To the centre of the earth.

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tis just as i'm writing my Last Wishes!

if anyone looks over my coffin at cadaver-me and say things like "he's just sleeping" i'm hell gonna wake up and scream "THEN BLOODY WAKE HIM UP!"

next time bring an alarm clock.

hmm. interesting topic. had a similar conversation with dad few yrs back on this and achieve an understanding. No life support if brain dead. Scatter ash into the sea. No need for ritual. just put me back where I belong.

i want everyone to take a bit of my ashes to leave me where they think i'll be at happy. :p

of course somebody better bring me to the grand canyon, somebody better bring me to venice, rome, paris, helsinki.......

i guess lots of people have lots of travelling to do.

i'll bring a part of you to ang siang area.

I am wondering if there are necrophiles out there who would wanna do something else with your body...

I suppose when the time comes and you pass on, you will rather move on then stay around thinking what they do to your body....

I just told my love and my best friend yesterday too abt it......i have hinted to them what I want liao lol maybe should tell u too since u younger......and quite responsible ahahaha

i'll put yours together with miak's at ang siang, can can?

for the living or the dead

I've wondered whether the funeral is for the dead or for the living.
To those who believe that his existence ends with death, then this is a rhetorical question.
For those who believe otherwise, perhaps you might reconsider your original opinion?

I know my dad would insist on the full Taoist ritual, with the X days of 24x7 joss paper burning and XX days of monks chanting etc.

Hmmm. I wonder how he will react when he is on "the other side" and sees things as it really is. Or will he see it as he truly believed when he was still alive...*curious*

Oh well. We can all choose how our funeral will be like, I guess.
But 'tis so much more interesting to choose how we live ...


Centre of the earth? U came from the cente of the earth? LOL! Bumadevi would be very happy to hear that! :)

When I die, I want to be incinerated and have no physical memories of me lying around. No anniversary prayers and no pictures hanging around of me. They can throw away my ashes anywhere but I assume per tradition it will end up in the sea. I don't mind being rememberd in memory but that's that!

who's Bumadevi? I checked Google and Wikipedia but to no avail.
Incinerated and thrown into the sea?
How about being used a fertilizer? That'll be useful.

can so imagine u 2 tokking abt this..

y dun u have a tuesday-with-morrie scene where you have the funeral wake before you die..? And celebrate life with all your close and dear ones? Tat's what living is all about... celebrating in the shadow of death.

erm i think i'll be good fertilizer.
we should start a movement, termed "Ashes to the Garden Project".

we'll grow a plant with each set of ash; that'll be meaningful.

what do you think?

(Deleted comment)
wow cheem.
what do you mean?

Hmmm … I think coffin and urn designs we have here are quite dreadful. It'd be fun to have one of those colourful and fanciful ones from Ghana (http://www.rit.edu/~africa/paajoe/paaJoePg1.shtml), and have a fancy dress party to go for the funeral. Just wondering how its going to be cremated … maybe just dispose off everything in outer-space. :P

i like the Rooster one.

I can imagine people coming for the wake and saying,

"Oh what a big cock!"


if there's immortality, would you consider?

definitely not.
who wants to live forever?

when things last forever, they lose their purpose....

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