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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: Double Happiness Buffet ::

Somehow I just don't eat as much anymore.

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1 table, 3 pax :p
next time ta-bao, i go eat ok? :p

No need ta-bao. Next time just invite me over! Lol! I promise I will keep quiet and eat my food in the corner of the table, leaving you and your "paramour" alone. :P

there's no 'corner of the table' lol!
it's a chinese round table, with a lazy susan in the centre as well (for buffet!)

LOL! Ok! Hmm, so that thing is called a lazy susan. I wonder why susan?

on a diet? or the foods not tasty?

I tink so too.

Maybe stomach capacity shrunk liao... Just like mine.

old liao mah... haha

Actually I'm not too sure, maybe because i'm getting more fussy with food... keke

not on a diet (though i should).
the food was so so; some dishes were good while others were a little dubious.

You're getting old too...:-)))

has it got to do with age?

Better to do with age. If other reason, then not a good sign lor.

yes, chan mali chan. (hoy hoy!)

haa... ur surname: chan, name: mali chan? keke... ok i'm bored :P

i like this name: mali mali chan! lol.

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