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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: A Multitude of Discourses, of Late ::

My hands (palms, fingers, etc) have been a little numb of late.
Especially right after gym.
Like now.
I feel uneasy with the numbness.
I ask the doc. He says, "It's the way you gym."
"Is it a carpal tunnel syndrome?" I query.
"Yes, but it is still caused by the gym."
"That is why some people wear gym gloves or sponges," he adds.
I do not remember anyone using sponges, but that must have been quite a sight.
I'll try to get some gloves then.


We've been watching Little Britain of late.
And naturally, like any other times, Doggie will start aping the various screen personas.
(The last one was Domo Kun).
I received a message this afternoon:
"Don't go giving me evils!" it read.
And his msn reads "No but yeah but no but yeah but.... "
Personally I like Ting Tong Macadangdang, the mail order bride from Thailand;
She's hilarious!

Mr Dudley! My real name is not Ting Tong...it's really Tong Ting
Ting Tong lady boy!
"I give you good time! "


I've been searching for the elusive Black Eastpak bag as well, of late.
Since last Christmas.
And I need it before April.
For some strange reason Eastpak is no longer available in most of the stores here.
And yes it's a belated present for a fussy friend.
Anyone knows where to get it?

Wyoming (K811)
Limited Edition Authentic


On livejournal, I've been reading the journal of curious_eyess of late.
The journal lately details his journey to Nepal to locate Joe.
Joe means a lot to him.
And the journey has just reached a sad conclusion.
I wish him all the best.
As he begin another chapter of the story.


Some things are never, too late.
On the home front, the decision was made today.
And as one chapter of his story ends, another chapter begins.
On a clean sheet, I'll help the story to unfold this time.
I want to.
It's scary to know how much influence we have over those around us
And how our decisions, like a billiard balls, creates reactions upon reactions.
With the weight of the ball on the hands of no other than mine
I have to.


Enough of digression.
Back to studies.

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I had a painful case of carpel tunnel syndrome for my wrist (for a year).... & then my elbow....
Dun push urself too hard.... Hope you are fine....

actually it's getting better already. without gloves.
i just 'flick' my wrists between workouts.
I'm also more conscious when lifting heavy weights.

oh dear what did you carry...the entire great world ah!?
nice to bump into you earlier.. take care ya.

and ya.. i have been reading the journal of curious eyess the last two days too...

you were the one at great world. la di da.

Hav u tried Queensway? I thought i saw a bag store that sold mostly eastpaks.. i could hav gotten it wrong though...

Do more wrist stretches at intervals during work. I have that, so i exercise my wrist a lot ( but still broken)

I am still shocked after reading Curios-Eyes' journal. I feel so sorry for her.

If I see it in KL I'll pop you a msg :)

get a pair of powerful gloves!

i'd like to see the domo kun impersonation

"I donch... burleave urt!"

I think the doctor was just too polite to say there's no cure for a broken wrist.
plus you have a brokeback problem too! ;P

Did you mention that curious_eyess is a guy? I tot its supposed to be a lady..

Its really depressing..

Little Britain's my current favourite show too. And I was surprised to see Steven Lim in one of Ting Tong's skits. But I still prefer Bubbles. :)

Please take care of your wrists! CTS is not a good thing to have at all...

one of ur more assessible entries..
hope u feeling alrite.. dun get too pensive.
and yar.. take care of the wrist.
I'm gonna clear leave soon... and i'm still waiting for u to come down from brokeback mountain to have lunch!:P

the peekture is da wrong one!!!

Anyway I got another black one liao.
La di da....

hi there is curious-eyess your friend? :/

many tell me it's a "her".
some tell me that it may be just fiction, and i don't know.
but good luck to her/him, anyway.

im an avid fan of little britian. cant wait to buy their third series!
vicky pollard is real funny with her bimbotic wannabe antics
fat-fighters club reminded me of how i used to get criticized when i was horribly fat.
and i can laugh at that now!!!
peace :))

i lurp little britain

where do u get ur little britain from?
i only have the audio clips from bbc! thanks!

Re: i lurp little britain

A friend screened it.
He has the DVD.

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