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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: God of Ahem ::

This is just so wrong.

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head turned backwards AND skewered. very auspicious.

Well two heads ARE better than one, har har...

you guys... don't break the artist's heart!

mmm.. not enough budget?

What a large... dildo? *coughcough*

what on earth is it MEANT to be anyway?

i have absolutely no idea!

HAHAHA! God of Big Schlong? Most men would consider that good fortune indeed. :)

I guess he couldn't hide his enthusiasm for the new year aye, ha ha...

Yah, he must've thought it was the Year of the, um, Rooster. Hahaha!

Or the Year of the Ram! :P

We're so getting a rise out of this post, har har har...

LOL! Your puns are outstanding. :)

I bet they transmorgrified from a santa blow up.

looks like a guy head with lady figure... with large dildo... hahaha... :p
wonder who put this up.. can't be chinese right?

gave me such a good laugh .. even sm included :P

that's what i was thinking.
look at the way they're keeping that float in place.... right at where his nipples are!


what would the children think?

haahaa... yes! this is just so wrong! haahaa

hah...funny, and to think I never noticed it yet...is it still around?

Same standard of marketing u get from the hicks in middle america...oh how can i not feel pride for singapore.


Hahahaha. This is too funny.
Where did you see this? Lol.

the fantasy of a lonely gay street people...

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