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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: W.B.D. Games; Post Mortem ::

For the W.B.D. Games we expected third party acquaintainces
As well as curious people steaming from a storey below.
We would have preferred if they introduced themselves but
Ultimately if everyone had fun at the party we are truly happy.

Some fascinating statistics:

The party evolved because into_the_wild won some silly radio contest and promised to plough the $$$$$$ back to his friends.
The party started at 2230hrs and ended at 0400hrs because Mr. M needed to clean up the place.
All liquor donations went back to the crowd.
28 bottle of Absolut and 8 bottles of wine were emptied.
We were pleased to have a celebrity bartender.
hotdoggie coordinated the party and planned it only ten days.
thatkodomo designed the poster; it was recycled from an old S.E.A. Games poster.
If you study the poster carefully you'll realise there's a DANCING sport; it was edited.
zenhiao & chrisloup were the official sports photographers.
Most worn brand: ADIDAS.
The youngest guest will turn 3 next January; he's into_the_wild's godson.
The oldest guest is 50 and enjoyed the music very much.
The guest that travelled the furthest for the party was Pele.
He happened to be the best dressed guest as well.

We were a little disheartened when hotdoggie lost his phone
Which he left on the deejay console, and tainted the overall positivity of the party.
But I guess we won't let this bring us down.


Once again, thanks to everyone for making this party a successful one.
Thank you for your pressies, your liquor, and most importantly, your presence.
It would not have been possible without everyone's efforts.

But who is this lady appearing at the party?
We are intrigued.

looks like the lady selling ban mian at lau pa sat. she's very into the aj scene... married.. but very faghag..

yeah! she's damn hip and goes to Centro too! always asking me and boys whether Centro was fun or packed or not. hah

thanks for a faBUlous party!
now i need to get a CD to you...

I'll be wearing stripes when you pass it to me.


lol suddenly chut one auntie hahha

hey sounds like I missed a great party!

Sorry to hear about hotdoggie's phone - that sucks.

Will throw a special dinner for a belated celebration. Once again, Happy .. er.. nevermind, I shan't say the number in public :D

It's alright. I'm sure he can deal with it.


Hahaha, the last picture looks like one of those Where's Wally pics.

Except that Wally was around but we couldn't figure why and how Wally got there!

hey win more silly radio contests, there's a good source of income.

get hotdoggie a new handphone.

i will never forget this W.B.D.Games i ve attended. thanks.


Thank you for your support!

goodness i tot she was someone's mum searching for her son in an aj party! hehe...

Thought I was the oldest that night...:-)))

I still want to apologise for leaving so early...

Sorry that I couldn't make it for ur party. Looks fun.

Happy Birthday!

Send my regards to hotdoggie.

I am a maverick! I wore Nike! :P
I also want a new phone. Lost mine 24 hours later, same location sans 1 level.

My condolences.
Go get one on Ebay!

glad the nite was a success, sorrie cant attend this yr though. =/ next yr sure come. heh.

bo mu?

*random guess*

bo mu's agent?

(i don't know anyone in the photo)