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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Balance ::

The Justice Card

You are the Justice card. Justice preserves the
harmony of the world. Working with opposite
forces, Justice does not seek to criticize or
condemn but rather to accept. The idea behind
the card justice is that opposite forces are
complementary; you could not have good without
evil or light without darkness. Justice's
position is to make sure that if a thing is out
of balance, the weight of its energy is
realigned with its opposite force. This card is
also a card of humour, for it is in pointing
out contrary positions that humour is often
found. The attitude that is found in the
humourous person, being able to shift
perspective and flow with an instinct, is
important in the maintenance of good balance.
Image from The Blue Moon Tarot Deck.

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... and justice for all ..

... I see many familiar traits ...

happy belated birthday :)

sounds very you....

i got the empress, and the picture icon was so bloody hideous that i decided not to paste an entry for that :|

i would never have guessed

Eh :) Got the same thing too Haha :D

i got the empress. hmm...

thats so you...was telling Universe8Within..haha

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