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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: The Puzzle of Possession ::

What I do not have, I do not fear.
What I have, I fear, of losing it.
Thus the riddle:
How do I possess,
Yet not fear?

Possess in totality,
And not for self?

I wonder.

The mind unfolds overtime.

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The Price of Possession

I fear what I have
Losing what I have is my fear

Re: The Price of Possession

then should be possess less?
maybe it is not so much of the physical possession but the possession that exists in the mind.

i tell my friends: monks do not need to retreat to temples to live in seclusion, for the temple is in their minds. i do not need to resist material possessions as long as they do not possess me; it is all in the state of the mind.

that's my opinion of course. then again, with the lure of the advertising of material possessions, it is easy to fall into the trap of falling all the way back to square one.

(then again, if we're able to envisage ourselves falling back into square one, and THEN be able to deal with it, are we not free?)

*too awake at seven in the morning*

perhaps we do not really possess anything but that which is given...

true, i agree.
however, sometimes we really do not know if it is given or not.
such as friendship and love.

someone asked me what i wanted for my birthday and i said, "good will".

what's the point of getting the most expensive present from a friend when he do not make the effort to stand by me when someone slanders me behind my back, for example? but how will we ever know if a friend is truly a friend, when it is up to him to give? (like what you mentioned).

guess we'll just have to hope.

maybe time will tell.

Never fear of losing anything but fear of never given a chance to express your gratitude for having anything..

(Yeah.. I am speaking in tongues.. just like you.)

i am not speaking in tongues lah! doh!

Thank you!


need to stop lj-ing in office, you.

that was an ugly long sleeved shirt.

cling not to anything
for all is impermanence

treasure everything
for all is impermanence

and yes, i am paying attention in buddhism classes

but if we cling not to something or someone precious to us wouldnt we seem too cold and unconcerned, to that object of our affection?

e.g. A likes B
but B starts falling for A
but fears losing A so tries not to cling onto A
A gets the wrong signals and thinks that B is not that keen in A.
Back to square one.

Sounds like some Mensa Quiz LOL.

What do we own or possess, really?

Well I don't know if this will work for you but it has for me.

Constantly remind myself that things are impermanent and they are always changing. Do not look into possessing the person or item but just simply think of it as having it for the moment. Learn not to become too attached...attachement and commitment are very different things. You attach means you become obssess over it....you commit means you give acknowledgement and what it deserves.

thought i saw u today.. were u at victoria street food market at ard 10- 11pm? hmm.. thought i saw u...

What you possess, you eventually lose. Like death, the sentence bestowed upon birth.

Then hawkdance's perspective fits; appreciate everything for the moment, and not forever.

Lots of emotional gymnastics required though.

People think that I fear that I will lose something I like, that is why I do not want anything. That is not true. I am very easy with getting and letting go.

I was having a chat last Sunday about this. I said I believe in a partnership without possession.... but maybe the key to one that last IS possession. Or mutual need.

But not if they are unhappy.


A question to you: a partnership without possession; is it permanent then? How can a partnertship be created on a lasting manner?

Eek... too much for the morning!

*brain implodes*

this whole talk about possession come at the right time
being overly possessive is one trait of mine that killed most of my budding r/s.
i guess it is the fear of losing that makes me crazy.
but the fear of losing will result in me being crazy and the crazy me will end up killing what i have.
so i always tell myself not to think too much and worry so much.

it's about holding on, and being able to let go.
because nothing's really yours in the first place.

this is so me!
okay, maybe we have a choice; that's ours to make and ours to keep.

so glad ur back... =D

I've always been around... just not journalling, that's all.

I am a hardball. I always lose and try to get it back in order to cherish it more. What a loser huh.

Lost itself is a new Possession

There is nothing to fear for a lost, for lost itself is a new gain (of experience), renewal or a new possession.

Re: Lost itself is a new Possession

food for thought...*Ohmmmmm*

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