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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: The Rides of Our Lives ::

And so, without warning, it's less than a fortnight to the end of the year.

The end of the year is like the end of a rollercoaster ride.
The ride's the slowest at the beginning, when the rollercoaster climbs slowly up the ramp.
And then, before we know it, it plunges us into the most exhilarating ride of our lives.
Lots of wind. Renders us speechless. And then, we're already at the end of the ride.
Probably the adrenaline kept us so high that we've forgotten much of the ride but remembered that we felt good about it.
And now we're approaching the platform our minds race back in time.
To attempt to recall the highlights of the year that will pass.
Then then we hear:
"You've reached the end of the rollercoaster ride."
"Please remove the safety bar and step safely aside."
"See you and please come again."
There's no time to sit and relish.
There're throngs of people waiting to get into the ride.
And so we step out.
And move along, following blindly, the queue
To the next rollercoaster ride.
No time to think.
And then off we are, all securly seated.
Climbing the ramp once again.

Is it me, or do the rollercoaster rides seem to get faster and shorter every year?
I wonder.

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it might be you. keke. .(=


and maybe eventually the last rollercoaster rides off the railings and plunges into nothingness.

the last thrilling ride.

Wo men lao le... =(

didn't we jus celebrate christmas a few months back!!???
wait til you are my age.. the rides are so much shorter and faster the last three years for me!!! No time to get off seat. Just buckle up and go again.. (as i pen down meetings in my diary for 3 jan, 4 jan, 6 jan ...)

Yes, life seems to be careening at a breakneck speed these days...

I think life just doesn't slow down once it starts...

Time do seems to pass by faster and faster is it cause i tend to made lesser and lesser accomplishment?

the speed which the ride has gone may somehow made us missed little things along the way...might seemed lost..bewildered.

good that fate has kept us safe all the while and brought us safely to the end of the year...

it's not you..
it actually does - either that or it's everyone.

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