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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Friday Morning, Fragile Heart ::

The pain of responsibility.

Just hours ago I was given the power
To pass a sentence.
To decide on the fate of an outcome.
Would I allow my innocent friend to be sacrificed, to save a nation?
Would I euthanise my dog, terminally ill, to ease his current suffering?
Would I lock my drug addict son, pleading for freedom, to wean him to safety?
Would I?
Would you?

Pain is when I have the power to decide
To hurt someone, for a greater good.
It's not easy. It's especially not easy because
I have to stand on my ground and be firm.
And not falter.
And not let my emotions get the better of me.

And so, in my mind,
My friend is sacrified,
My dog dies, and
My son gets locked up in his cell.

And so I turned and carried on walking,
Eyes affixed to the horizon.
My pace slower than usual, without doubt,
But soon I'll gather pace once more.

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It is only under such circumstances will we be aware that we are very much alone and singular. Anyway, since you have made a choice and stuck to it, we can only wait a see.

Take care

Well the one lesson that i've learn in aus is that u could never be a "good guy" to everyone. Sometimes you just have to make your stand and do what u think is right even when all the others may think you r wrong. And you will not be alone cause true frez who really knows u will always standby you.

Cheer up.

Someone once told me "The hardest decision is usually the best one"...:)

问心无愧 is most important.

No matter what decision you make, make sure u don't regret it.

Even though the person may hate you for life or may not agree with your decision.

I hope for you the best outcome.

oh dear..some decisions are hard to make, especially when it concerns another's future (i'm guessing). but, since u are the authority in this matter, you will just have to fulfill your duties no matter how painful or unwilling you are. when passing down sentence, its not about passion anymore but about whats written in the rules..and we just have to play by it.
hugs* dun think so much.

Sometimes, it's a necessary evil.

will u not look back and ask ...'what if?'

maybe someone had to make a choice.. and u chose to be the one ..

gather ur pace soon.

i had to do a really hard one once. was traumatised for more than year, but justice had to be. i really understood then the christian concept of God willing to sacrifice his son for those that he loved, cause i would have had been willing to have taken their place.

take care, and know that you had made the decision with a pure and concerned heart, for all the best that you could give. hugs.

what is best for one person may not necessarily be perfect for another
likewise, what is suitable in one culture is more often than not unfitting in the other

truth is ironically subjective and unfortunately always debatable
as long as oneself can justify his actions and is willing to bear his OWN responsibility
people who love him or her should learn to let go

the key word here, imo, is trust

i love your posts..as usual..:):)

Of which's lost, maybe found....

Oft' times we know that which is lost, someday maybe be found.

such dilemmas are the hardest to decide...two roads both seemed as rough and unforgiving with is jagged stones...for the greater good? Whats greater good when the smallest "good" we cant achieved, and what's achieve but saving that small fraction of it if not for the bigger picture? headache...

Did you make the decision?
Or did he make the decision?
If someone does something and it results in him being caught and punished, who started the process?
Is the judge responsible for the punishment? Or is he merely acting within the rule of law?
Are the people who created THE LAW responsible?
Are the people who put the judge on the bench responsible?
Where does the chain of responsibility begin and end? Does it?

As you rise in authority, power, etc, you are given various tasks.
Use your powers of intuition and feel if what you are doing is appropriate to the situation.
Take the YOU out of the circumstance and act as you deem fit.

Imagine how God must feel in every moment for all eternity, given all the things he/she can do to "prevent" things from going "wrong" compounded by his/her infinite compassion.

Then dilute this much BIGGER picture way way down to one decision that one is asked to make that affects another person's life.



Have you read the book, "the five people you met in heaven"?

Nope. Didn't read the book. Not in the present life-time anyway. Should I?

maybe it'll make a good xmas pressie.


Errr.. present for u or me har? &confused

I want to complain.

please add a chimney to your kitchen; gives me better entry.

ho ho ho..

at least you did something about that responsibility.

Yeah I did something about that responsibility today once again.

Thanks and happy holidays!

teach me where to enter the html for the lj counter? i've got the account, but i don't know where to input!

i can't remember.
it's some russian site... check the link from the counter!

yeah i know!
do you mind going to http://www.livejournal.com/modify.bml?authas=into_the_wild and send me by e-mail (giddygid@gmail.com) whatever's in your overrides box?

appreciate it!

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