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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: The Beauty of the Moment ::

Cursed is the one with the eyes that see the future.
For though our deaths are already sentenced upon our birth.
The cursed one sees the path towards decay
And loses all tomorrows to desolation.

That's the beauty of the moment.

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Beauty, cursed and death?

Beauty is in the curse of seeing death? :oP

Re: Beauty, cursed and death?

That's a separate stanza la la la.

Re: Beauty, cursed and death?

Then Blessed is the one who see the present in his nakedness.

Well, I always tell the birthday boys we are born to die, and birthday marks one year nearer to one's death, then why are we still celebrating? We should be mourning that death has drawn nearer!
Talking about it, my 36th is round the corner and I can do with a new watch to ease myself the trauma of being nearer to death. So do help pacify me. Thanks in advance.

i agree..as it is..we shouldnt think so much of the future but should just focus and appreciate now. Thinking too much of what might happen may tend to compensate with our lack of courage to try stuff...

so have u felt and experienced that beauty of the moment?

Cursed also is the one who is never content.
Always restless, always seeking.
The voracious hunger is a bottomless pit.


('cause it's nice.)

"loses all tomorrows to desolation" ... how can there be beauty in that?

sorry for the confusion.
but the first stanza explains the title "the beauty of the moment"
which i reiterated again.

that's all.

thats so edgar allen poe :)

nothing la. i just suddenly want to say a hello to you. =)

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