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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: Overhead; Evita ::

"So what are my chances of honest advances?
I'd say low
Better to win by admitting my sin
Than to lose with a halo."

Food for thought.

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i second honesty...

Yup, the truth will eventually surface

Unrelated question.

I've been searching for a poem about journeying and since you are the journeyman, I figured you're the best person to ask.

The gist of the poem is about how you have to leave home and journey a thousand miles, but end up where you started except that you see things in a new light.

Don't remember the exact text, nor the author. Ring any bells?

t.s eliot's "little gidding" from the four quartets

ah indeed. Thanks! One of those rare times that Google's failed me.

And you speak French. *swoon*

du rien! ;) i love the 4 quartets, even if i think i will never completely comprehend them.

i speak it badly, and some would say not at all... haha

As Mr D has explain,ed, I suppose.

as miak would say, 'honesty does not mitigate the crime'.

who is interested in a empty halo?

the victorious conquerors will write the new laws, so as to speak.

hmm...interesting concept

Indeed. Mr. D? Sorry, prototype delayed. Problems with structuring Human-Communications Interface module. :)

I've taken that advice for the past 8 years. Six pence none the richer... :S

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