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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Observations on a Tuesday ::

+ The ECP ERP's 50 cents after 0730hrs +
+ Feeling stressed when work starts to pile up, doesn't solve the situation +
+ A loaf of bread on the table works wonders when there's no time for meals +
+ Good quiet moments can be found at the tenth mile +
+ Delegation is the key to effective performance +
+ Tailgating can be fun! +
+ Caroline Chong's a real hot babe! +
+ Hot babes make me shut up +
+ Donations to everyone's fun is a way of sharing joy +
+ The network drive hides good mixes +
+ It's good to sleep early if one has an early run the following day +

I'm late!

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never like tailgaters.

What's with hot babes? Sizzling hot? Or sweaty hot? (Eeek! BO!!)

+ The ECP ERP's 50 cents after 0730hrs +
-go by PIE-

+ Feeling stressed when work starts to pile up, doesn't solve the situation +
-ask boss to hire 2 more assistants-

+ Good quiet moments can be found at the tenth mile +
-last time was more quiet before sheng song is there-

+ Tailgating can be fun! +
-can be dangerous too if sudden e-brake-

have a sweet nite :D

Tailgating can be irritating (makes me wanna give them a knuckle sandwich)... Not to mention dangerous.

Overtaking is more appropriate, the other driver can see your my-car-is-faster-than-your-slow-poke sneer.

Agree... Those tailgating me, can carry on tailgating for the rest on his/her drive, I dun care. And the moment they would try to overtake, I would speed up... lah lah lah...

same sentiments.. I will give them brake lights sometimes... if they shiong me, thats it! I give them a sniggles... :p


hmmm... I think reverse lights can also give them a good scare...

hahaha... not doin that to spoil my engine/gears....

yeah it'll be crazy to do that unless you've retuned your reverse lights.

some people activate reverse lights when braking which is damn irritating especially at traffic light junctions... keep blinking, sometimes I would wish to take a hammer and smash it then and then... :p

Hmm.. I'm using manual gear... so jus clutch in and switch to reverse gear (no need to engage)

dangerous... sudden brake then engage ABS sure lose control... :p

*slap myself* Bad mouth hor? :p

but I haven't pull this stint yet, u tried?

That is for worse case scenario... Dun brake, but will have a short moment of free wheeling that's all...

Had real bad experience with ABS... :p
I'm only driving like 50km/h and I E-brake, ABS engage and I poke the car infront, SHIT! if no ABS, I would have stopped and no hole in pocket! :p

"Hot babes make me shut up" - how? they stuff things in ya mouth?

*cranky me* .... lost in exam revision :P

mr dude...its caroline CHEONG not chong...its like goin on a date wif a person u dun noe the last name to...lolz!



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