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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Sometimes It's About Going That Extra Mile ::

We were off air when Seb asked me about going that extra mile.
"Don't you think it is rather tiring," he enquired.
I pondered for a couple of seconds, and said,
"I think it is really about your passion in what you do."
"and it is also about how much you want to touch the lives of those that you are able to," I added.
That made quite a lot of sense to me.
I mean, I made a resolve during my secondary school days to be a teacher.
Mr Sim Kok Heng was my form teacher, and he was my major source of inspiration
While everything else was going downhill, what would be the darkest years of my life.
While I do rant "nothing really matters" and the like,
If there was something crucial in my power to affect, and influence, why not?
This notion of mine changed when I concluded that years of repetitive teaching
Wasn't my cup of tea. (and echester's latest posting confirmed it, I suppose.)
In any case, there's always an opportunity to touch a life, and pay it forward.
I was given a chance to demonstrate what I preached at the later part of the evening.
I was really tired, after doing three sets of the 45min:to-failure workout.
But something inside told me that it would make a difference.
And so I went; I cheered and waved.
And he was Happy.
Ultimately, I still subscribe to the idea that life is so insignificant that everything precious
Would become so miniscule and eventually forgotten in the large span of the lifetime of the universe.
But then again, if this moment is like a spark that conflagrates into an ephemeral glory,
Why not?
Since nothing really matters anyway, do what matters to those that matter.
The best is yet to be!
I'm so exciting about touching yet another life tonight.
In an hour's time, in fact.
Wish me luck!

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hmf. blink and i'd have missed it ;)

good actually since you wouldn't know what you would have missed in the first place.

yea...wat matters to those that matters doesnt really matter to some. Not all old are redundant, some had took the test of time while new things have not...

PS: GOod luCK!

although u could not become a teacher but u can still be an instructor, stiill can teach as well :]

oh...forget to wish u good luck just now :P


U've taught me a lot. So to me, you have been a wonderful teacher.
... And I hope I'll be given the opportunity of learning lots more from you, through you, and with you, in coming years.

As for the "little" things in life, remember Ayako's message?
Imagine if one little screw in a car with a few thousand parts came loose and was dislodged. What would happen? It depends right ? It could be pretty disastrous or nothing could happen in 10 years and the car would be scrapped and turned to molten metal and onto any existential form.

So life goes. Every little choice that we make, however insignificant, might have significant consequences, or not.

As for myself, I choose to believe that the sum totality of all my choices brought me to where I am today. Significant or not, they are part of my experience. They are history, but will always exist within my inner library of memories.

What do you choose to believe?


you touch many lives each day i'm sure. :)

Sim Kok Heng? Tanglin?

i be late, but luck be with ye any way the sunshine doth shine, lad

>> I mean, I made a resolve during my secondary school days to be a teacher.

All those poor students who are gonna have their hearts broken ... :oP

it's way too late, but Good Luck! i'm sure the beneficiary will be ever so grateful ;-)

Imagine you being a teacher!!!

The whole class of boys will turn alternative....

*gives good luck kiss*

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